[NFBMO] Convention arrangement #2

escoulter at centurytel.net escoulter at centurytel.net
Wed Apr 4 02:20:01 UTC 2018

A quick couple of notes:

Remember check out on the day you leave is 11:00 am.

Pick up registration packets at your first opportunity.


If the tables are out you can open your exhibits at 3:00 pm.

Finally the cash bar will be open from 6:00 to 7:00 and 9:00 to 11:00
Saturday night (it may close early if lack of business occurs). 

Bar Prices are:

Soft Drinks $2, Beer $5 or  $6, Wine $6, and mixed drinks $6 or $7.

Please patronize the bar as there is a minimum we need to sell-
basically if everyone buys 2 soft drinks or one other drink the bar will
cost the affiliate nothing.

See everyone in a couple of days!


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