[NFBMO] Roy Zuvers traveling trophy

Carol Coulter cjcoulter59 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 01:37:03 UTC 2018

Hello everyone I would like to apologize for making a mistake in naming the
winner of the Roy Zuvers Traveling Trophy. When I added up all the totals
for each chapter, I left out a $500 donation to the scholarship fund that
Jefferson City donated last year. The money came to late to count for the
2017 trophy and should have been added in for this years trophy. I forgot
about this and did not go back far enough to catch it. I have spoken to
both chapter presidents as well as our state president and the trophy will
be given to the Jefferson City Chapter. I am so sorry they were not able to
be recognized at the convention like they should have and at the same time
I apologize to the Kansas City for having to take away the trophy. I felt I
made this mistake publicly so I should acknowledge my error and make my
apology in the same manor. With deepest regrets
Carol Coulter, Treasurer.

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