[NFBMO] Bills possibly affecting dog users pass Missouri House, headed for Senate

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Nothing looks offensive in what you have sent. One of the things we are
going to have to address is how very hard it is to get at the actual text of
bills. It isn't impossible, but it certainly isn't easy.

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The following is from the Capitol Connections Newsletter sent out by
Representative Kevin Corlew. Do we need to worry about this?

"House Moves to Protect and Expand the Use of Service Animals (HB 1369 and
HB 2031) House members approved two pieces of legislation last week related
to the use of service dogs in Missouri. One would expand the state's legal
definition of what qualifies as a "service dog." The other would make it
illegal to misrepresent an animal as a service animal.
The bills are aimed at making life better for those who legitimately have
service dogs and service animals.  These individuals represent a growing
segment of society, and the list of conditions dogs can help with continues
to grow as well.
HB 1369 changes the definition of "service dog" to include psychiatric
service dogs and mental health service dogs. The definition covers dogs that
serve individuals with conditions including panic attacks, anxiety, autism
spectrum disorder, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The sponsor said the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) has left the definition of what is considered a
"service dog" in a gray area, so HB 1369 would make clear what animals
qualify as service dogs.
HB 2031 would add the crime of misrepresenting a dog or animal as a service
dog or assistance animal to Missouri's existing law against impersonating a
person with a disability. It would make those crimes misdemeanors punishable
by up to fifteen days in jail, or up to 6 months for repeated violations.
When people fake having a service animal, it casts doubt on individuals who
really do have them. The sponsor said such fraud causes other issues as
well, and noted that untrained dogs have attacked service dogs in training,
or attacked patrons in a restaurant.

HB 2031 would require the Commission on Human Rights to use its existing
complaint hotline to take reports of individuals believed to be faking
having a disability or a service animal.

It would also require the Governor's Council on Disability to design a
placard that restaurants and other businesses could display stating that
service dogs are welcome and that misrepresentation of a service dog is
illegal.  A brochure would also be created to help business owners know what
questions are allowed and guidelines on how to behave around service
Both bills have now moved to the Senate for consideration."


Daniel Garcia

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