[NFBMO] Do You Dream in Color: Sample Questions for Panel Discussion

Daniel Garcia dangarcia3 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 22 01:14:00 UTC 2018

During our 56th Annual Convention in Jefferson city we had a showing of the film Do You Dream in Color. We had a short panel discussion afterwards. I agreed to send out to the mailing list the sample questions provided to us for people to read, think about, and discuss.

Follow Up Discussion/Take Action

Watching the film is just one piece of hosting a showing. We strongly recommend that immediately following the film, while the audience is still emotionally captivated, you facilitate a POSITIVE discussion about blindness. The most important job of the host is to have the audience walk away feeling uplifted, encouraged, inspired, and empowered to be part of positive change.

Here is a sample of discussion questions to pull from:

What emotions did you feel during this film? What triggered those emotions?
Who do you most identify with, and why?
What limiting beliefs or low expectations have you had placed on your abilities?
In the first few minutes of the film, did you initially know Connor was blind? If not, what was your reaction when you realized that he is blind?
In the film Sarah is disappointed about how her AFS application to study in Portugal is handled. What is your reaction to the AFS team's failure to forward her application to Portugal? Does this remind you of experiences in your own life?
Both Connor and Sarah indicate that they are not interested in being or acting sighted. Does this surprise you? Why or why not?
Compare and contrast the barriers that each of the protagonists encounter in achieving their dream. What struggles do they face, and what (or who) makes the barriers they encounter easier or more difficult to overcome?
Blindness can be sometimes overwhelming.  What are some ways students, parents, and teachers can facilitate a healthy and thriving trajectory for blind students?
How can we as individuals change the barriers blind students face in society?
What are some examples of constructive components and actions that can be taken by those involved in a child's IEP to create progressive movement towards success for the blind child?
Were you aware of how much goes into providing Braille materials for blind children?
Why do you thing so many families have to fight for what is supposed to be a free and appropriate public education? What barriers do they face in advocating for blind students' needs?

Take Action!

What do you want your audience to do then and there or when they go home?

Donate to the NFB?
Post about the film on their social media?
Follow us on social media?
Talk about the film with their friends and family?
Show it to a teacher?
Host their own event?
Support their local policymakers in their efforts to advance educational equality?
Become an NFB member?
Become a volunteer of a chapter or affiliate

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