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GeneCoulter at Charter.net GeneCoulter at Charter.net
Wed Jul 18 19:02:44 UTC 2018


Letters have been sent out regarding  the payment of Blind Pension/SAB
underpayments. Note: this only affects those who got the pension from
2001 through 2010.

If you currently receive the benefits and the notice is sent to the
correct address you need do nothing as the underpay will automatically
be sent to you this Winter.

I repeat there is nothing to do if you currently receive the Blind


Almost no one should decline the payment! The only folks that the
payment will affect are those receiving Food Stamps or Medicaid. In the
case of Medicaid it will only affect you if you are not on Blind
Pension. If you Receive Medicaid through SAB or just regular Medicaid it
can affect you and if another household member receives Medicaid (MO
HealthNet) it will likely affect them. In any event I still would not
decline the payment instead I would put the money to use right away so
that, at worse, it only affects one month's benefits. If you have no
bills to pay  or other immediate uses for it put it in a ABLE account or
Special Needs Trust.

Of course, if the payment would put you over the $30,000 limit for total
property I would find some useful way to spend the money  well below the
limit. Warning: do not give the money as a large gift to a family member
or friend as that would be a transfer of property and would result in
being forever disqualified from Blind Pension.

If, for whatever reason, you no longer receive  benefits you should also
get a letter which you do need to reply to in order receive the money.


The amount of payment will vary widely. Those who did not come on to
Blind Pension until  after 2006 will get a  very small settlement in
relationship to others as in 2006 FSD took some steps to correct the

You do not need to report the payment to Social Security if you get Old
Age Social Security  Benefits or Social Security Disability. You do need
to report the payment if you are receiving SSI when you get the payment.
It is best if when you report the payment to SSA for your SSI benefits
you also send receipts and bank statements showing that you spent the

Gene Coulter

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