[NFBMO] Accessibility Issue

Coccovizzo,Linda A Linda.Coccovizzo at MCCKC.EDU
Fri Jun 1 15:15:17 UTC 2018

Hello all. I am hoping someone here can help me, or maybe has some sage advice for me. I am extremely disappointed because I recently signed up as a representative with Avon. I have used the products off and on for many years, and I have always enjoyed them, and the prices. I thought it might be a chance for the girls and me to make some extra money, and give me an opportunity for teaching Sarah and Terra many skills on the computer, managing money, and communicating professionally with people. However, I am finding the website to be inaccessible. I am struggling now, because I'm not sure what to do. I don't feel right advertising my site if I can't serve everyone. It's like I'm saying, "Please buy my products unless you're blind."

I am wondering if anyone has had experiences with purchasing from the Avon website with a screen reader. If so, I would love it if you would share. I am able to find products and add them to the bag, but there is a lack of buttons that show up as such with Jaws at least. Registering as a customer is also very difficult if not impossible. I think I can help my blind customers, but I feel like I am taking away from someone's independence by saying you don't have equal access to the website, but I am more than happy to help you with an order. If someone comes to me, (which they did, and that's how I figured out what the issues were),and says I don't do a lot on the internet, can you help me, that's a different story. Because it's not always easy for me to deliver to people, or if they are long distance customers, I believe I can most likely put web orders through for people.

I'm not ready to give up yet. Am I overthinking this? Does anyone have any idea what steps I might take if I am able to make contact with someone on the corporate level? And, if I do make contact with someone, and I am brushed off or met with an unwillingness to fix the problems, what would be the best direction to take?

I welcome anything anyone has to offer here.

Thanks for reading.

Linda C.
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