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> Hi,
> Let us know what browser and version you are using, same for jaws/nvda.
> Do you have a mentor / god forbid, the person above your level / contact
> for
> tech support?
> Bryan
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> Hello all. I am hoping someone here can help me, or maybe has some sage
> advice for me. I am extremely disappointed because I recently signed up as
> a
> representative with Avon. I have used the products off and on for many
> years, and I have always enjoyed them, and the prices. I thought it might
> be
> a chance for the girls and me to make some extra money, and give me an
> opportunity for teaching Sarah and Terra many skills on the computer,
> managing money, and communicating professionally with people. However, I am
> finding the website to be inaccessible. I am struggling now, because I'm
> not
> sure what to do. I don't feel right advertising my site if I can't serve
> everyone. It's like I'm saying, "Please buy my products unless you're
> blind."
> I am wondering if anyone has had experiences with purchasing from the Avon
> website with a screen reader. If so, I would love it if you would share. I
> am able to find products and add them to the bag, but there is a lack of
> buttons that show up as such with Jaws at least. Registering as a customer
> is also very difficult if not impossible. I think I can help my blind
> customers, but I feel like I am taking away from someone's independence by
> saying you don't have equal access to the website, but I am more than happy
> to help you with an order. If someone comes to me, (which they did, and
> that's how I figured out what the issues were),and says I don't do a lot on
> the internet, can you help me, that's a different story. Because it's not
> always easy for me to deliver to people, or if they are long distance
> customers, I believe I can most likely put web orders through for people.
> I'm not ready to give up yet. Am I overthinking this? Does anyone have any
> idea what steps I might take if I am able to make contact with someone on
> the corporate level? And, if I do make contact with someone, and I am
> brushed off or met with an unwillingness to fix the problems, what would be
> the best direction to take?
> I welcome anything anyone has to offer here.
> Thanks for reading.
> Linda C.
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