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Passing this along in case anyone is interested.

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Alphapointe is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has
continued to serve people who are blind and visually impaired in the
Kansas City, Missouri community and surrounding region for over 100
years. Creating opportunities within the workforce continues to be a
service Alphapointe proudly offers.  We are very excited to begin
updating you with current job openings that we have at various
locations, including Kansas City, MO and Richmond Hill, NY.

Some positions are considered "competitive" for placement purposes.
Some positions may also be eligible for relocation assistance if
necessary.  Please contact us with any questions you may have
regarding job openings.

Kristin Stephenson, Assistant Manager, HR, KC           816-237-2029

kstephenson at alphapointe.org<mailto:kstephenson at alphapointe.org>

Dan Dorfsman, Supervisor, HR, NY
ddorfsman at alphapointe.org<file:///\\server-03\userdata\kstephenson\Employment%20Agencies\ddorfsman@alphapointe.org>

Amy Campbell, Vice President, HR
acampbell at alphapointe.org<mailto:acampbell at alphapointe.org>

Current openings can be applied for at
www.alphapointe.org<http://www.alphapointe.org> under the "Jobs" tab.

Current Job Openings
Click on the Job Title for additional information about each position.

Occupational Therapist<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?req=903052&&#job>
Kansas City, MO
Assists in development, markets, and delivers low vision services to
patients who have limitations in performance of activities of daily
living because of a significant visual impairment

Plastics Mold Technician<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?req=680778&&#job>
Kansas City, MO
To assist supervisors in startups and be able to run machines without
any helps, trouble shoot problems, change molds and other mold
technician duties.

Teleservices Representative
Kansas City, MO
A Teleservices Representative is responsible for creating great
conversations with others on behalf of our clients, and returning
critical response data for our clients who are businesses, colleges
and universities across the nation.  Successful team members deliver
enthusiasm, listening skills, sincerity and high levels of data and
call quality.

Plastics Packer<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?req=446441&&#job>/Office
Products Assembler (On-Call)
Kansas City, MO
Tend to products coming off machines and package products as required.
Manual assembly of various styles of writing instruments.

Office Products Machine
Kansas City, MO

Runs various machines within the Office Products area, including but
not limited to: stick pen machine, tape machine, envelope machine and
screen printing machines.
Retention Specialist, Part-Time,
Kansas City, MO
Provides support and assistance to blind and visually impaired clients
in the community, typically at a community-based employment worksite

IRG Clerk<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?req=596331&&#job>
Jefferson City, MO
Performs general tasks such a typing, computer data entry, answering
phones, using copier and other functions in an integrated setting.
Will also support recruitment and bid management by formatting and
writing documents.  Clerk should have proficiency in Microsoft Office
Suites, particularly Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Customer Service Representative - Maximus
Jefferson City, MO
The Customer Service Representative is responsible for interacting
with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about
programs and services in a contact center.

Assistant Supervisor - Military
Richmond Hill, NY
Learn and be able to demonstrate understanding of (1) all company and
departmental production management policies, procedures, and
supervisory techniques; (2) product specifications and ISO 9001:2015
quality control requirements; (3) material handling policies and
procedures; (4) Human Resources and other reporting policies and
procedures; (5) training, evaluating, and motivating, all sighted,
visually impaired, direct and indirect labor employees.

ACS Sewing Operator<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?req=669180&&#job>
Richmond Hill, NY
Ensure raw material has met/passed ISO's quality controlled inspection
before using.  Properly and safely operate machine; complete orders on
time; follow specifications accurately.

Industrial Mechanic<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?req=893337&&#job>
Richmond Hill, NY
Overall maintenance and trouble shooting of production equipment,
airline installation, lubrication, minor electrical power
installation, machine parts manufacturing and equipment installation.

Warehouse Person<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-opening.php?req=749603&&#job>
Richmond Hill, NY
Meet customer demands by assuring 100% accuracy in all shipping,
labeling, picking, packing and on time-shipping of orders. Help unload
incoming raw materials from trucks. Distribution of said raw materials
to their respective departments. Wrap and prepare finished good for
shipping. Keep supervisor fully informed of all times.

Inventory Control
Richmond Hill, NY
The Inventory Control Specialist will work closely with the Warehouse
and Production team to increase and maintain company profitability by
ensuring accurate inventory levels.  This position will review stock
levels, coordinate cycle counts, and investigate inventory
discrepancies in order to achieve internal performance objectives and
external customer scorecard performance objectives.

Richmond Hill, NY
The Porters are responsible for performing custodial duties, minor
maintenance and other miscellaneous duties in order to ensure that
factory and offices are maintained in a healthy, safe and sanitary
manner in compliance with regulations of the Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA). To perform routine cleaning, replaces
light bulbs, dusts and sanitizes furniture, empties trash receptacles
sweep, mop and vacuums floors, service, clean, and supply restroom,
cafeteria. Other tasks include setting up rooms for meetings, classes
or events.

Assistant Supervisor - USPS

Springfield Gardens, NY

Assist Supervisor in fulfilling all requirements of contract.

Alphapointe is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.

Kristin Stephenson, SHRM-CP
Assistant Manager, Human Resources

[Description: Description: Description:

7501 Prospect
Kansas City, MO 64132

Main (816) 421-5848
Direct (816) 237-2029
Fax (816) 237-2019
Visit us online at www.alphapointe.org<http://www.alphapointe.org/>

Are you or someone you know visually impaired?  We have great jobs!
Click here!<http://alphapointe.hrmdirect.com/employment/job-openings.php?search=true&>

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Julie A. McGinnity
MM Vocal Performance, 2015; President, National Federation of the
Blind Performing Arts Division; First Vice President, National
Federation of the Blind of Missouri

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