[NFBMO] Fitbit Challenge Update

GeneCoulter at Charter.net GeneCoulter at Charter.net
Wed Nov 7 07:48:45 UTC 2018

Observations about our Fitbit Challenge participation
We have 41 people who are currently participating. That makes us the
largest group in the challenge.
Between 35 and 38 people have registered each day in November.
Our team had the most steps of the 14 teams participating in October.
In November we are in First place thus far  with  an average of 11,363
steps per day.
For the past week we are in second place with an average of 11,207 steps
per day.
Excitedly for November 6 we walked an average of 13,460 steps amongst 36
walkers with 21 over 10,000 steps and everyone over 5,000 steps. (6
people were over 20,000)
Our range was from 5,021 to  40,010 for Roger.
For November Cincinnati is  176 average daily steps behind us and the
Louisiana Center group is  3,329 steps behind us in 9th place.

While we are doing fantastic  let's keep going and encourage everyone
walking, running and otherwise stepping to better fitness!!!


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