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nancy Lynn seabreeze.stl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 20:27:22 UTC 2018

I got this from a friend and thought you'd be interested.
A Big Hello from the Braille Superstore,

It's never happened before. And it will probably never happen again. But
today ... until supplies last ... we've put over sixty items on sale across
the store, discounted at 50% or more! Let us brighten your day with some
back-to-school deals that are so cheap, they're almost free!

A futuristic Orb or Pyramid Talking Clock for only $6.95. Or how about a
Voice-Controlled Talking Clock for only $3 more? A Talking Memo Pen for less
than $5, or a whole set of adjustable measuring spoons for less than 4. An
instant-read medical thermometer for $14.95, and the Deluxe Wilson Voice
Recorders are being offered at half-price for only $24.95. Every magnifier
is reduced by at least 50% - usually more.

The list goes on. Plastic Braille Playing Cards for $4.95, with a wooden
card tray now at the same price. Some wooden games (along with most of our
wooden brain teasers) are discounted hugely too, with most coming in at
under $4. Bell soccer balls, footballs, and even rugby balls less than $9,
and a huge array of Braille puzzles are at $4.95. Every Braille T-shirt in
the store is priced at $6.95, with hats, Sweatshirts and Hoodies also on 50%
clearance. We even have audio books on sale.

So, how do you take advantage of this amazing one-time offer? It's simple
... even simpler than usual! Just hop over to our website at

http://www.BrailleSuperstore.com?Source=Newsletter .

Click on the Clearance banner at the top of the page to pull up a complete
showcase of everything that's discounted ... and still available.

Order online, and go out for dinner to celebrate. Deals like this - with
absolutely no strings attached - don't come along every day. Today, there
actually is such a thing as a free lunch.

So what can you order from us? Braille and Talking clocks and watches with
the best prices around. Talking computer software to learn to type, send
Email, or organize your digital music. Braille labelers, low-vision
magnifiers, audible sports balls and equipment, Braille and tactile toys for
kids of all ages ... the list is endless. We even have talking calculators,
Braille card games, affordable yet durable canes, object locators, and an
exciting new talking MP3 Player that's also being discounted right now.

And now for the fine print. Offer expires when the last clearance item is no
longer overstocked. No returns or exchanges accepted on clearance
merchandise. All orders must come to at least $10. Prices are quoted in USD.
Multiple orders welcomed per household. Offer valid for prepaid retail
Internet orders only.

Thanks for reading, folks. We hope you enjoy the last few weeks of Summer
... and the first few days of this incredible sale!

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