[NFBMO] The passing of a dear friend

Gary Wunder GWunder at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 6 21:11:49 UTC 2019

It is with a profound sense of shock and sadness that we have just learned
about the death of James Moynihan, our dear friend. Jim died at lunch on
Thursday after choking on a piece of chicken. He lived in a nursing facility
in St. Louis and had been there for several years. We talked with him a
couple of weeks ago. Although he was not the old gym that most of us
remember, he still had memories of us. The main thing missing from our
interaction was Jim's interminable curiosity and questions.


His funeral will be on Saturday, April 3. Visitation will begin at noon, and
a service will follow at 2 PM. It will be held at the Hofmeister Funeral
Home located at 1515 Leemay Ferry Rd. in St. Louis. I will see if I can find
an obituary and share it with the list. I will also try my hand at writing
some of my favorite memories of our friend and will welcome any additions
you would like to make. I am sure that our editor will run it and other
tributes in the Blind Missourian.






Gary Wunder 

gwunder at earthlink.net


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