[NFBMO] eliminating section 14c

Carol Coulter cjcoulter59 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 01:20:55 UTC 2019

I believe that everyone should be valued as a human being and when people
are ask to work for subminimum wages, no matter what the task, you are
telling that person that you are of little value. Those with disabilities
want to feel valued and pride in what they do. They would like to feel
pride in being able to go and pay for their own clothes or buy a gift for
someone or pay for their own food. Disabled people may function on
different levels and may need varying degrees of help in various ways, but
everyone wants to feel like they have some self-worth and are respected.
Please help stop the degrading of disabled individuals and their being used
as cheap labor so the management can continue to line their pockets.
Carol Coulter

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