[NFBMO] Kenneth Jernigan Award Information 2020

Julie McGinnity kaybaycar at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 21:54:15 UTC 2019

Good afternoon NFB of Missouri family,

You thought you were rid of me for good, but here I am, back to chair
the Jernigan Award committee for 2020.

We are now accepting nominations for the National Federation of the
Blind of Missouri Jernigan Award for 2020.  If you have a candidate in
mind, please send me an email describing someone you think worthy of
receiving this award.  The recipient must be blind and must have
contributed a number of years of extensive service to the National
Federation of the Blind of Missouri.  For more information about the
award, please see below:

6.1 The Jernigan Award is presented by the Missouri Affiliate of the
National Federation of the Blind to a Federationist who has performed
outstanding service to his fellow blind over a prolonged period of
time. A recipient of this award shall be a resident of the State of
6.13 The recipient of this award shall be an active member of the
National Federation of the Blind's Missouri Affiliate.
6.15 The Jernigan Award shall be presented to one individual. Awards
to families and couples shall be prohibited.

The Kenneth Jernigan award may be given annually but is not presented
every year.  Please send all nominations to me via email at
kaybaycar at gmail.com by February 1, 2020.

I cannot wait to experience another Missouri convention with all of
you, and I look forward to seeing everyone again!

Thank you in advance for any nominations for the 2020 Jernigan award!

Julie A. McGinnity
MM Vocal Performance, 2015; President, National Federation of the
Blind Performing Arts Division

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