[NFBMO] asking for your support - running for 2nd Vice President

Jenny Carmack jcarmack314 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 03:42:54 UTC 2019

Hello Friends,

I am interested in running for the 2nd Vice President of our
affiliate.  I have been a member of the National Federation of the
Blind for almost 15 years.  For those of you who may not know me, I am
a member of the Lewis & Clark Chapter, in St. Louis.  I was chapter
treasurer for 11 years.  I am currently in my 4th year as the Vice
President of our chapter.  On the chapter level I have served on the
fundraising, fellowship and convention planning committees.  On the
state level I have been a board member since 2017.  I am also involved
in several committees such as membership and public relations.  I
have worked hard in the Student Division and have been the president
for the past year.  I am very passionate about the education of young
children which is why I am grateful for the opportunity to represent
the NFB on the Missouri Blind Task Force (an advisory panel which
works with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to
promote best practices for blind children in public schools).  I also
enjoy the opportunity to work in the Missouri BELL Academy (Braille
Enrichment for Learning and Literacy).  The BELL Academy is an NFB
program which works with children on their braille and other blindness
related skills while having fun and building life long friendships.

Over the past several years I have enjoyed learning and growing as a
Federationist.  I truly believe in and support the work and values of
our organization.  I am looking forward to many more years of working
with my friends and family of the NFB.  I would appreciate your
support of me for 2nd Vice president of our affiliate.  Thank you for
your time.

Jenny Carmack

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