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Attached please find a hotel orientation guide for the convention hotel.
We do not claim perfection but hope it will help folks.
Some other notes:
Convention registration  and packet pickup will be  open  from 9:15 to
9:45 A.m.  and 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Friday and from 8:00 to 8:25 a.m.
Saturday. If you are eating Friday lunch you need to pickup your
registration information Friday morning. No one will come to track folks
who do not pick up their information.
In addition to the Sportszone restaurant  there is the Atrium  Lounge
which will be open all 3 nights we are there at least until 10:00 p.m.
and much later if business justifies. We will not have a cash bar this
year but you are welcome to take your drink from the Atrium Lounge into
the meeting room. 
No food from hospitality is allowed in the common areas meaning the
pool, meeting rooms, or lobby. You may bring in your soft drinks and
water and you can also bring  non messy snacks into the meeting room
such as chips or cookies provided you take the trash with you and clean
up any  stray bits.
We will be giving away apples at registration provided by the Columbia
Convention and Visitors Bureau  please dispose properly of the remains.
Lastly, we would like to thank Gerbes/Dillons, Sam's Club, Hyvee and
Domino's Pizza for their donations.
Here is the hotel guide:
Holiday Inn Executive Center orientation
The Holiday Inn Executive Center is located at 2200 I-70 Drive Southwest
off of exit 124 on Interstate 70.
Hotel parking is free and just outside the front entrance. The main
entrance is on the second floor of the hotel. As you enter you will pass
through two automatic sliding doors. if you take an immediate left you
will be in a long hallway. The hallway opens up to the Sportszone
restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, in this
hallway is a Hertz rent-a-car office. 
Back to the main entrance; if you take an immediate right once you come
through the double doors you will find a gift shop on your right as you
start down another hallway on your way to the front bank of elevators.
Down this hall way are also the Bradley and Truman rooms and some guest
rooms. We are using the Bradley room for the scholarship breakfast. 
Once again coming from the main entrance walking this time straight
ahead you will find the registration desk on your left and the priority
registration desk straight ahead of you. Beside the priority desk is a
cell phone charging station. 
Just past the Priority check-in is a seating area. Then you will soon be
on a carpeted area. As you enter the carpeted area the Piccadilly's
meeting room is on your left which is where all of the general sessions
will be. Next to Piccadilly's is a coffee bar.
Continuing on the right-hand side past the seating area is a staircase.
Going down the stairs will take you to the outdoor pool and exit door
and going up will go to the upper floors.
Just past the staircase on your right is the hall to the back bank of
elevators. When you are standing here you should be able to hear the
atrium fountain.
The lounge area is adjacent to the fountain. When you reach the
fountain, it will be on your right and directly across from the fountain
is Windsor ballroom 1 and 2, which we will not be using. 
Just past the fountain is a short set of steps up to the elevated Atrium
Lounge.  Continuing on, you should find a set of stairs down to the hair
salon. Still continuing past the fountain for a few yards you should
find the restrooms and drinking fountain. The restrooms are recessed in
an alcove with the men's room to the right and the women's room to the
While  you are facing the drinking fountain, from just outside the
alcove, make a left to go down a wide hall where our exhibits will be on
Friday.  On your right will be the Parliament Rooms I through III.
Parliament I am where most of our planned meals will be. Parliament II
and III will be where some of our Friday meetings will be. On the left
side of the hall are the Windsor rooms II through IV which we will not
be using this year.  At the end of this wide hall is the Polo Room which
we will use for some meetings on Friday.
To get to the Business Center and some of the guest rooms you would go
past the back bank of elevators and make a left down the hall. The first
room on your right is the Business Center And guest rooms 231 and
higher. The Executive Board Room is also down this hall, but we will not
use it.
You can access all guest rooms by both sets of elevators. 
The pool and 	fitness center are on the first floor and require a
hotel key to access. The fitness center is one of the largest to be
found in any hotel in the Show-Me state, but we do not know how
accessible some of the equipment is.
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