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Thank you Dan for this fine information. I have been a gamer for a long long time. Even figured out how to win some games back in the old days when Apple computers were in use by those of us who are blind that is the apple to eat etc. Would like to point out that www.AUdiOGames. NET has more than 1400 games for individuals to play who our vision impaired. Also as previously discussed a PPLEVIS. COM also has a very nice compendium of games with over 400 list Listed. Either one of these websites should keep you busy for months and months. Also if you are familiar with our SGAMeS.NET they also have several very interesting games including monopoly. Thanks and have fun Fred Olver

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> On Apr 7, 2020, at 7:59 PM, Daniel Garcia via NFBMO <nfbmo at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Dear Friends:
> Yesterday the NFB of Colorado had a Conference Call on Accessible Games.
> The first part of the conference dealt with accessible board and card games. The company doing this is 64 Ounce Games:
> http://www.64ouncegames.com/
> The rest of the conference dealt with accessible games for the smartphone and computer. Below my signature you can read a message containing various links to these games.
> Regards
> Daniel Garcia, President, Kansas City Chapter
> National Federation of the Blind of Missouri
> dangarcia3 at hotmail.com
> (816) 621-0902
> www.nfb.org
> www.nfbmo.org
> Live the life you want.
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> Maureen Nietfeld
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> To: ITP Students <students at cocenter.org>
> Cc: CCB Staff <ccbstaff at cocenter.org>
> Subject: gmae links from last week and Monday's chat
> Hi guys. Here is a list of games I have put together since the 2 chats I have given about games.
> If you have any questions about the games I can try my best to help, but I’m really just compiling a list of some popular titles.
> alexa games
> either or
> escape the room and escape the room2
> jeopardy
> trivia
> braille challenge
> song quiz
> magic door
> jurassic world
> bruce wayne investigation
> Blind Technology Trivia
> O and M Trivia
> Mastering Windows Shortcuts:
> the cursed painting
> star finder
> Windows Games
> Bulwark in the City of Flesh is an audio game, video game, and radio drama. It can be played with your ears, your eyes, or both.
> http://www.getinthedamnbox.com/bulwark/main.php
> Audio Game
> If you choose to play the audio game, the screen is blank throughout. In this mode, stereo headphones and a 4x8 grid of keys are required. The keys are mapped on first launch.
> Video Game
> Alternatively, you may choose to play Bulwark in the City of Flesh as a video game. In this mode, the game is a mix of visual and nonvisual scenes, all of which are fully playable without audio if subtitles are enabled.
> Radio Drama
> Bulwark in the City of Flesh is partially a radio drama, which means you’ll often be an observer while audio-only scenes play out around you. If you like podcasts or audiobooks, these parts are for you.
> undead assault
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Undead+Assault
> Undead Assault is a game heavily inspired by the Zombie mode of the recent Call of Duty games. You join a team of other people, whether that be strangers in a public game or friends in a private session, to take on hordes of an increasing number of zombies. If this on its own doesn't sound appealing to you, the game also offers you a number of additional powerups, from bigger guns, to different kinds of drinks that improve various abilities of your character. Working together is a very big part of the game, as obtaining these special items takes time, which considering you are being constantly hunted by the titular undead, you don't have a lot of. Your team mates are also the only people who can revive you if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being eaten by a zombie and if all of you get eaten at once, it's game over!
> This approx. 30 minute tutorial will help you get familiar with how UA works, so you can kill zombies and play the game with minimum effort.
> Hope this helps!
> Https://tunmi13.dev/audio/undead_assault.mp3
> compilation 1 games
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Compilation+1
> windows. compilation 1 is a collection of four audiogame projects created by Freeman69, both to test out some concepts in audiogame creation, and to have fun with some small, challenging games in a number of different genres. Though not as complex as the likes of New horizons the games are all in their own way unique, with well thought out mechanics and a tough difficulty curve that will keep you coming back for more each time. The games include:
> ◦ Cavern quest: Playing as one of King Arthur's knights condemned to a cursed sleep, Venture into a maze of caverns populated by insects in this top down adventure/rpg. Find items from magic crystals, to potions, weapons and armour, as well as the expected dungeon doors and keys, also utilise a unique combat system featuring combinations of keys used to launch a variety of attacks from karate kicks to magical spells (practice with the dueling keys file), though don't use the same attack too often, and take care because some enemies might be immune to some forms of attack.
> ◦ Classic space invaders; if your now saying "oh no, not another audio space invaders game," then be aware this version has a number of unique features. Firstly, like the arcade original, the entire swarm is present on screen, and you'll have to work fast to pick them all off. Secondly, don't assume that just because an enemy is above you you can just blast away and expect to hit it. Your shots after all take time to get from ground to air, and the invaders won't just stay still and wait to be blasted, indeed these particular aliens move around quite a bit, so you'll need to practice your aiming and shooting, and use your turbo laser powerups with care.
> ◦ Airlift: Pilot your hellicopter into hazardous teretory to rescue stranded civilians in this side scrolling action game. Negotiate around turbines, high towers and electricity pylons to find the houses (denoted by sounds of birds and barking dogs). Land and pick up civilians then take them to safety at the church. Later levels include endless swarms of tanks trying to blow you up, , a kamikaze aeroplane pilot determined to ram you, and even a visit from some curious space invaders who've left their own game to hassle you.. .
> ◦ Motorbike circuit: Grab your hog and see how fast a time you can get on one of these four killer race tracks, featuring figure of eight tracks and a variety of bends to trip you up. Listen out for the sound of the middle road line, and the gravel beside the road, also don't slam into too many barriers, and remember to use your breaks and gears well, since while crashing won't kill you, it won't do your completion time much good either.
> all four of the games output to Jaws, nvdA, system access or Sapi, plus several use Sapi during the game (Cavern quest does in combat). The games also keep their own saved files of previous high scores so you've always got something to aim at. All games use the keyboard keys, EG a s D and w to move, however keys can be customised with the "redefine keys.exe" file. Similarly, there is an over all readme for the pack as a hole, as well as Readmes for each game which provide all the details needed to play. As an extra treat, The games are all also entirely free.
> Though the soundscapes are fairly sparse, what sounds exist provide more than enough atmosphere and information, such as the grizzly insect sounds in Cavern quest, and with a very strong challenge factor, addictive gameplay and mechanics that will take work to master, this is definitely a treat for serious gamers everywhere.
> 3d velocity
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Three+D+velocity
> Three D velocity is a very unique experience in audio games. not only do you get to fly a high tech military grade aircraft in full 3D sound, but you get to experience this flight in all it's details! control your speeds up to mak2, carefully manipulate landing gear, even try to avoid blacking out through G force as you make tight turns. Every aspect of controlling a ultra modern, military aircraft is covered here from refueling to dogfights, so don't expect a standard arcade shooter. Even targeting your enemies takes skill and the ability to use your detection equipment well
> If all this isn't enough, the game has a very unique story told through high quality cut scenes and voice acting. Playing as the crack Pilot Orion, you begin by qualifying through a number of tests including airial races and mock combats against other pilots to take part in a top secret military operation. Should you qualify, you'll find yourself involved in a number of highly dangerous missions against a ruthless enemy who seems to know your every move. Tackle defences such as gunships, cannons and helicopters, and complete your missions successfully to try determine the true nature of the evil that your trying to combat.
> ThreeD velocity features full voice acting for most of the cut scenes, but for things like status messages, ms sapi or one of various screen reader options is used so there are no access issues. Flight sticks and other controller types are also supported, as is the rumble feature to give as realistic an experience as possible.
> game play of 3d velocity 2
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ghj … v.mp3?dl=0
> spoon bilt games
> All products on this website are completely FREEWARE. All games are developed to run exclusively on the Windows platform. They will also run on an Apple Macintosh computer provided it is running a Windows emulator.
> http://www.omninet.net.au/~irhumph/index.htm
> eurofly
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Eurofly
> If you want to explore the world, Eurofly is absolutely the game for you. The first release from Slovakian developer Štefan kiss and his new company Kissoft, the game is a truly staggering one, not only a fullfully functional flight simulation in which you can take on the nail bighting job of a commercial airline pilot, but also a fully comprehensive world map and atlas in which you can walk, explore or just see what's around various gps coordinates.
> The flight simulation part of the game will challenge all of your judgement and navigation, and has been designed to be as immersive as possible.
> Choose from over 30 different planes, of small, medium or large categories with different on board equipment such as an auto pilot, interact with airport conning towers for clearence to fly setting your radio frequency and other aironaughtic systems, then strap in (literally), and take off for your trips around the world. Go through over 90 different missions as you become a more experienced pilot in the eurofly company, or go into free flying mode where you can land and takeoff at different destinations, picking up passengers along the way.
> Multi-platform games
> rs games
> Operating System: Windows, Mac, Lynux, Web brouser, Ios
> https://rsgames.org/
> quentin c's playroom
> Operating System: Windows, Online web client for Ios and Android
> Windows / Web Browser / Android IOS
> alter ego
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Alter+Ego
> Alter Ego is a modernised and updated version of a humerus, but thought provoking text game originally written in 1986 for the Commodore 64 computer. What if it was possible to live your life through once again, making different choices, under different circumstances, ---- perhaps as a different gender? This is the basic question Alter Ego asks.
> The game presents you with a number of scenarios each with choices to make, and gives you knowledge of the progress of your life throughout that time, ---- starting from your birth right up to death. The writing of these segments is intentionally dry and rather cynical in nature, and the actions you can take, ---- while everyday, can frequently be chaotic, or ludicrous, ---- for instance your first actions at birth when you may come out fighting, or stay in a bit longer!
> From an access point of view, the game workable with a screen reader on any platform sins the majority of the game is text. Various scenarios on the main page of each life stage, ---- IE, the little mini adventures you choose along the course of your life, are marked with title images pertaining to their actions, for example emotional, physical, family, to start each scenario just click or double tab and then follow the prompts
> The game is free to play through for a first time, however to buy extra playthroughs, or remove the five minute wait between life stages the game costs 5 usd.
> Though perhaps not your usual run of game, Alter Ego will deffinately prove interesting for anyone who wishes a good look at life.
> Choice of games
> Operating System: Online web brouser, Iphone, Android, steam for windows
> https://www.choiceofgames.com/
> Great for beginners of text-based games. This is a "choose your adventure" style game, with well-developed plots. You have to make choices on what to do. Try to get higher and higher scores by making the right choices too! Lots of titles to choose from. Games have a minimal cost and there are bundles available for cheaper prices.
> audio game hub
> Operating System: iOS, Android, 32-bit Windows
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Audio+Game+Hub
> facebook messenger
> Text spaced is now fully playable with the messenger app on Ios.
> Blindquest, the enchanted castle
> Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Ios, Steam
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Blindquest%2C+the+enchanted+castle
> audio wizzards
> Android, Ios, Steam
> https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=Audiowizards
> blindfold games
> Operating System: Ios
> https://www.metroblindsport.org/blindfold-games/
> building audio games for visually impaired kids, teens and adults. Since 2013, we’ve created over two dozen games that are enjoyed by thousands of blind people.
> dice world
> IOS and Android
> Online Resources
> text adventures archive
> http://if-archive.org
> Audio Games
> http://www.audiogames.net
> apple vis IOS app game directory
> https://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/games
> Suggestions from the meeting:
> bally land
> 7 little words
> blind light
> clever clues
>  game world
>  the blind knight
>  evil apples
>  a heroes call
>  a blind legend
>  zombie's run
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