[NFBMO] Clarifications

GeneCoulter at Charter.net GeneCoulter at Charter.net
Mon Jan 13 20:45:42 UTC 2020

With only 74 days until state convention I thought I would clarify some
things and re-submit some information as currently only 11 guest rooms have
been reserved and only 5 people have registered for convention with 3 of
them named Coulter.

Children's registration-

Due to the way the on-line registration had to be set up you can purchase
children's registration and meals on-line at the regular price until
March16,  the same as adult registration and meals. HOWEVER requests for
child care in the Kids Zone must be received by March 5 to give the chapter
time to line up the appropriate staffing.



Be sure to go through the entire process which means filling out our form,
completing the Pay Pal payment form and clicking on "return to merchant"
when the Pay Pal receipt shows up. If you do not do this last step we do not
know that you paid.


Hotel Rooms-

If you wish to get a particular room type like two queen beds or a king bed
guaranteed you need to make your reservation by Valentines Day. If you do
not care a lot about room type your deadline is March 5. Even in this case
the hotel will do their best to fulfill your request. Call the Holiday Inn
Downtown Saint Louis at 314-421-4000 to make reservations.



If your chapter or divisions wishes to exhibit at the convention for no cost
you need to complete the simple separate form for affiliate exhibit space.
Free exhibitors are not guaranteed a full table, if you need a full table
then you need to pay  to exhibit or sponsor. Of course, we will make every
effort to give folks a full table with priority, as always, going to the
host chapter and the affiliate.



At first blush the planned meals can seem expensive but bare in mind a
couple of things. The cost of the meals has barely changed in a few years
with the only increase this year being for prayer breakfast. At $15.00 this
is right around  the same price as the hotel charges for their breakfast.
Last I checked their breakfast was $13.95 when you add  tax of about 7.5% of
$1.05 it also comes out to $15.00 not including tip.  Plus you have the
advantage of having your breakfast basically waiting for you when you sit
down. Of course, generally the advantage of the planned lunches is that your
meal is served at noon andyou have time to relax before session starts
instead of looking for food elsewhere. And, do I even need to point out why
to attend the banquet as it is the highlight of the convention.


Go to www.NFBMo.org <http://www.NFBMo.org>  and click on the state
convention link to purchase meals, register, and get exhibit tables.

Gene Coulter



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