[NFBMO] Virtual Meet the Blind Month

debbiewunder at charter.net debbiewunder at charter.net
Sat Oct 10 19:29:13 UTC 2020

I need your help. Jenny and I were asked to do a meet the blind project, to
post something each day on Facebook depicting something our members do. We
want to show that we are living the lives we want. Sometimes that will mean
doing something cool. Sometimes it will mean doing something that is boring
but necessary. We have meet the blind month because some folks don't know
you can cook. They don't know that you can walk to a gas station to buy a
lottery ticket. They don't know that you have children or care for your
grandchildren. They don't even know you can write a few words and send in a
picture, and I guess the jury is still out on that one.

We are always complimenting ourselves on being resourceful and thinking out
of the box. This is why we are doing meet the blind month activities this
way. Please help Jenny and I do what you asked us to do. Send a photo; send
a video. Write something with it, or leave that to us. Show us how you use
your smartphone to read a letter. Let us see you reading a large print or
Braille book. The Braille offers us two opportunities-some read from paper
and others from displays. Tell us the name of the book; tell us the thrill
of the story. 

Here are a few more things in case these aren't enough:
Watering your plants, either inside or outside your home
Sitting at the table playing cards or a board game
Playing a musical instrument
Putting on your makeup
A video describing how you tie a tie
A picture of you putting mail into the mailbox, showing we get and pay bills
like everyone else
A picture of you knitting or doing other artsy things you do
A short video explaining why our Federation is important to you

Either text or email us with your picture or video. My email address is 
debbiewunder at charter.net
and Jenny's address is 
jcarmack314 at gmail.com

Just in these first few days we have greatly improved our presence on social
media, but we need the help of everyone. We want to let people know that we
are a diverse organization that has more than five people in it.

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