[NFBMO] Virtual Talent Show!

Steve Cook stanley7709 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 13:32:41 UTC 2021

The National Federation of the Blind of SC (NFB of SC) Would like to invite
you to the 1st ever virtual talent show fundraiser benefitting the NFB of


Everyone has a talent. What is Yours? 


*	Singing
*	Comedy
*	Dancing
*	Reading poetry
*	Playing an instrument


The NFB of SC has an opportunity for you to show off your talent through our
2021 Virtual Talent Show!!! You will also be eligible for prizes if you
place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the voting! 


Prizes awarded

1st place: 10% of the total proceeds, and a plaque donated by Linda Dizzley,
President  of the Lee County Chapter. 

2nd place: 5% of the total proceeds, and a plaque donated by Linda Dizzley,
President  of the Lee County Chapter. 

3rd place: 3% of the total proceeds, and a plaque donated by Linda Dizzley,
President  of the Lee County Chapter. 


Here is how our talent show will work. 


*	Pay $15 to register to enter your talent via Pay Pal or other
approved method.
*	Submit a 90 second video to Steve Cook at cookcafe at sc.rr.com
<mailto:cookcafe at sc.rr.com>  
*	Once your video has been approved it will be posted on the website
www.nfbofsc.org <http://www.nfbofsc.org> . Then under the Talent Show
Contestants link.
*	Next, invite all of your family, friends, coworkers, former
teachers, fellow church members,  doctors, mail carriers, etcetera, to watch
your video and vote for you. A $1 donation is one vote.  For example, if a
person donated $25 for you, then you would receive 25 individual votes. A
person can vote for you as many times as they choose. 
*	When creating your video, please be sure to narrate any movement or
action, so that the blind voters will know what you are doing, especially if
it is a visual talent, such as dancing.  . 
*	All videos and registration fees must be submitted by March 1, 2021
at 11:59 PM eastern to be considered for the contest. 
*	Votes via Pay Pal will be accepted until Saturday, March 20 2021, at
2:00 PM eastern. 
*	We will announce the winners on Saturday, March 20 2021 at 4:00PM
*	Each participant will be assigned a contestant number for voting
purposes. When a person makes their vote, they will have to include the
contestants number in order for the vote to count for them. 


Voting and Registration


To Vote Electronically:

To pay your $15 registration fee, go to www.nfbofsc.org
<http://www.nfbofsc.org>  and click on the Donations link. 

Votes can be cast on the same site by clicking on the donation link. $1 per
vote. There is no limit to the number of times a voter can vote. Please
remember that a vote will not go to the contestant unless their contestant
number is included in the "for" line of the payment. 


To Vote by Mail

If you would like to vote for a contestant, but are unable to access the
above electronic payment method. You can send a check or money order to the
address below.  On the memo line, be sure to put "talent show contestant
number." If the contestant number is not on this line, your vote will not
count, and your donation will be greatly appreciated!  Please have all
payments mailed no later than March 15th to allow for them to be received
and recorded.


Federation Center of the Blind

119 S Kilbourne Road

Columbia, SC 29205. 



To register, please include the following information.


*	Name
*	Address 
*	City, State and ZIP
*	Home Phone 
*	Cell Phone 
*	Work Phone 
*	Email Address
*	NFB member?  Yes or No.  
*	If yes, which chapter?
*	If no, do we have your permission to contact you about getting
involved?  Yes or No.



What is your talent: 


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