[NFBMO] Meet the blind month idea

McGhee, Carolyn S Carolyn888 at live.missouristate.edu
Wed Jul 21 01:10:31 UTC 2021

Given a lot of the comments, jokes, and memes I’ve seen on Facebook in various groups I thought it might be a good idea if we did some awareness videos explaining how we are able to accomplish various tasks including cooking, identifying clothes, travel (cane and guide dog), technology use, taking care of children, etc. Probably no more than 5 minutes per video and if there are multiple ways to achieve a task, one video explaining the technique would be good. While there are already random videos on TikTok and other places, if we did our own we wouldn’t have to worry about copyright infringement. I thought maybe sharing one video or one topic each day in October would be good.

Carolyn McGhee
Springfield MO chapter president
NFBMO Pedestrian safety committee chair

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