[NFBMO] Zoom Display Name

Jenny Carmack jcarmack314 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 14:43:42 UTC 2021

I am sending this message on behalf of Randy Carmack

When joining a Zoom conference it is always good etiquette to ensure
that your Zoom “Display Name” is correct.

With our state convention rapidly approaching, I have decided to make
this quick and easy guide to help you to ensure that your Zoom
“Display Name” is always correct no matter what device that you log
into Zoom from.

1. Click this link: https://zoom.us/profile

2. Sign into Zoom if you are not already signed in.

3. Select the “Edit” link.

4. Enter your first and last name’s in the top two fields.

5. Ensure that the “Display Name” field is showing correctly.

6. Click the “Save Changes” button.

You are all done.  I hope that you find this guide useful.

Many thanks,
Randy Carmack
NFBMO.org Website Administrator/Developer

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