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I remember some things about Dianna that I hope people will take as compliments rather than stereotypical feelings that men have about women. Diana was innocent in the best sense of the word. If you said a thing, she believed you. If you needed something, she didn't ask why you needed it but how she might help you get it. I remember hiring her as a reader. She read quite well, but she was also a single mother who had a child. For all that Peter has become, he was quite a pain when it came to his behavior during a reading session. If he wanted to talk, he talked. If he wanted to yell, he yelled. The only way we could gain some semblance of an environment conducive to reading and concentration was to give Peter junk mail and let him tear it up. Had he been a little younger, we could easily have said we were giving him a toddler's Christmas, but he was old enough that I feared there was some intellectual disability. Thank goodness he is proven me wrong. 

Diana was fun to be around. I thought that her firstborn was a daughter, not a son. There were times when she would get very depressed about losing her, but most of the time she was unfailingly optimistic, cheery, and almost dancing on a cloud and asking you to join her. As I started to climb the ladder to a greater salary at the University, there were times when things became difficult. I remember inviting her to tour my new house and she remarking that my bedroom closet was bigger than her living room. That said much more about her living room that it did my closet.

It was tough to stay in touch with Diana. Sometimes she had a cell phone, but in my experience, most of the time she didn't. Sometimes she would call while at work, her supervisor letting that be one of the benefits to compensate for her relatively low salary. It was always good to hear from her, but seldom did I have a way to reach out and get a hold of her.

I know that all of us are the better for having known her, and, like many of you, I wish we had had a better chance to say goodbye and to tell her that we loved her.

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Gene, here's the link to Diana Aubuchon's obituary: 

I met Diana in 1980 at an NFB seminar put on by the Springfield chapter. 
She was staying with Joan Davis and I drove both of them to the seminar 
(yes I drove--don't ask). She was a member of the Jackson County chapter 
at the time. She was good friends with June Homan of the Columbia 
chapter; in fact, it could be said they were joined at the hip.

Most old-timers in the affiliate know about Dianna's (note the different 
spelling) and my two special needs sons and their issues. Diana Aubuchon 
would ask about them every time she saw one of us and she wouldn't let 
us get away with a short answer; she wanted details. You also know that 
she lost her son Mark shortly after birth, and  her next son, Paul, has 
special needs, although I don't remember the details on that.

The obituary calls her "generous", which is an understatement. She would 
give the shirt off her back to someone in need, even if it was the last 
shirt she owned.

I've seen nobody else respond to this post, so I wanted you to know a 
little about my friend, Diana Aubuchon.

On 3/23/2022 7:31 PM, Eugene Coulter via NFBMO wrote:
> I am very sorry to report that Diana Aubuchon  has died. She joined the
> Columbia chapter in the late 1970's and was a lifetime member of the
> chapter. She was a very kind and giving woman who would give you the shirt
> off of her own back even though she had little in material possessions to
> spare. She also had been a member of the Kansas City chapter.
> Final arrangements are pending. Please keep her sister, Diana's children and
> family  in your prayers.
> Gene Coulter
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