[NFBMO] BRITE Act action needed

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The BRITE Act has been referred to the Rules Legislative Oversight Committee
but that committee has not yet scheduled a hearing. We need to contact the
committee members listed below to urge them to hold a hearing on the bill as
soon as possible. Remember it passed the Elementary and Secondary committee


Rules- Legislative Oversight Committee:

Phil Christofanelli, Chair 573751-2949  Phil.Christofanelli at House.Mo.Gov
<mailto:Phil.Christofanelli at House.Mo.Gov> 

Doug Richey, Vice Chair 573-751-2238  Doug.Richey at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Doug.Richey at house.mo.gov> 

Wes Rogers, Ranking Minority Member 573-751-2199 Wes.Rogers at house.Mo.Gov
<mailto:Wes.Rogers at house.Mo.Gov> 

Ashley Aune 573-751-3618  Ashley.Aune at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Ashley.Aune at house.mo.gov> 

Dottie Bailey 573-751-0562 Dottie.Bailey at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Dottie.Bailey at house.mo.gov> 

Chuck Basye 573-751-1501 Chuck.Basye at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Chuck.Basye at house.mo.gov> 

Jason Chipman 573-751-1688 Jason.Chipman at house.Mo.gov
<mailto:Jason.Chipman at house.Mo.gov> 

Mike Haffner 573-751-3783 Mike.Haffner at House.Mo.gov
<mailto:Mike.Haffner at House.Mo.gov> 

Ron Hicks 573-751-9768 Ron.Hicks at House.MO.gov
<mailto:Ron.Hicks at House.MO.gov> 

Hannah Kelly 573-751-2205 Hannah.Kelly at house.mo.gov
<mailto:Hannah.Kelly at house.mo.gov> 

Raychel Proudie 573-751-0855 Raychel.Proudie at House.mo.Gov
<mailto:Raychel.Proudie at House.mo.Gov> 


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