[NFBMO] JAWS Scripting Advice

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 24 12:15:22 UTC 2022

I would suggest asking on our Blindmath list, as 
they deal with this stuff all the time, 
blindmath-subscribe at nfbnet.org leave everything blank, to subscribe.


At 09:14 PM 3/23/2022, Roger Crome via NFBMO wrote:
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>Good evening everyone,
>I am working with a gentleman that is currently 
>taking a statistics course at a local 
>university.  The program used for the practical 
>portion is IBMSPSS.  He is using JAWS 2022 on 
>Windows 11.  The program will open but has no 
>interactivity.Using OCR, I can tell that there 
>is something there, but I’m not sure of any 
>methods to gain interaction.  I did a basic 
>search for JAWS scripts, but I came up empty.  I 
>will continue to look but thought I would tap 
>into the networks I have available.
>First, is there anyone on here that has used 
>this program for either school or professionally 
>that would have some direction for me on what I 
>should be looking at?  Second, has anyone on 
>here had experience with accessing these types 
>of scripts that could provide direction?  I’m 
>looking primarily for an already designed script 
>that that I can drag and drop.  If someone has 
>suggestions on how to develop the script, I 
>would need a very simple explanation of how to 
>accomplish it.  This would be a whole new arena 
>that I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for.
>Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions or directions would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks much,
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