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Here is the menu for Houlihan's both attached and pasted below.

Gene Coulter





HOULIHAN'S FAMOUS SHROOMS stuffed with garlic-herb cream cheese
(7) $12.55 (cal 1205) (4) $6.95 (cal 830)

CRUNCHY SPICY CAULIFLOWER(v) panko breaded cauli in chile aioli . trust us,
it's addicting $7.95 (cal 995)

LOADED GUACAMOLE(v) topped with cotija cheese $8.95 (cal 765)

FIRECRACKER SHRIMP chile aioli, banana-ginger slaw $11.95 (cal 610)

PAN-FRIED PORK DUMPLINGS sriracha, sesame-ginger soy sauce $11.65 (cal 420)

SPICY CHICKEN & AVOCADO EGGROLLS sour cream, salsa $11.25 (cal 695)

HOULIHAN'S QUESO(v) chips + mini potato skin dippers $8.50 (cal 800)

CHICKEN WINGS (bone-in or boneless) lemon pepper, mango habanero, thai chile
with seame-ginger soy sauce or buffalo with blue cheese dressing $12.95
(cal 600-1105)

CHAR-CRUSTED AHI TUNA* thai chile glaze, wasabi mayo, Asian slaw $11.95
(cal 390)

CALAMARI banana peppers, marinara, chile aioli sriracha bomb $11.95 (cal

CHIPOTLE CHICKEN NACHO chipotle cheese sauce, guac, sour cream + all the
other stuff that nachos should have $13.25 (cal 1975)

BBQ CHICKEN FLATBREAD red onions, cilantro, pepper jack, grated parmesan and
cheddar cheese, sour cream drizzle $11.25 (cal 785)

MARGHERITA FLATBREAD(v) oven roasted tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella,
marinara $11.25 (cal 855) Sub gluten-free crust, add $1 (cal 810)

CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS sesame-glaze, scallions, wontons, peanut-ginger sauce
$12.75 (cal 855)

CLASSIC SPINACH DIP(v) cheesy lavosh crackers (cal 1070) $11.95 small with
tortilla chips $6.95 (cal 580)



CAESAR SALAD we all know what that is (cal 355)

HOUSE SALAD bacon, corn, croutons, choice of blue cheese crumbles or white
cheddar (cal: undressed 235 | dressing +140-315)

TUSCAN WHITE BEAN SALAD(v) goat cheese, tomatoes, balsamic, Tuscan toast
(cal 330)

OUR ORIGINAL BAKED POTATO SOUP loaded up with bacon scallions, cheddar
(cal 510) 

FRENCH ONION SOUP its cheesy and delicious (cal 310)

CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP a fiesta in you mouth (cal 255)

ROASTED TOMATO BISQUE(v) grilled cheese fritters (cal 345)




Add soup or side salad $3.50 (cal 235-510)

SEDONA SHRIMP PASTA fettuccine tossed in a light ancho butter sauce, sauteed
shrimp, tomato concasse, spinach, basil, focaccia crisps $16.95 (cal 965)

KOREAN CHICKEN gochujang, stri fried brown rice with  ilantro, red bell
peppers, snow peas & scallions, pineapple relish. Choice of grilled (cal
745) or fried (cal 855) $17.25

SEARED GEORGES BANK SCALLOPS asaparagus risotto, baby arugula, basil-infused
olive oil $21.95 (cal 500) | small $16.65 (cal 350)

CRISPY CHICKEN TENDERS French fries $15.45 (cal 1300)

CHICKEN FETTUCCINE ALFREDO is alfredo a carb? $17.40 (cal 1360)

GRILLED ATLANTIC SALMON (5 oz.) lemon-dill butter, honest gold mashers (cal
775) choice of vegetable (cal 40-720) $17.75

FISH & CHIPS Sam Adam-battered cod, French fries, chipotle slaw $16.25 (cal

MEATLOAF NO. 9 red wine mushroom gravy, honest gold mashers, garlic green
beans $15.75 (cal 1185)

DOWN HOME POT ROAST red wine gravy, honest gold mashers, homestyle
vegetables $15.95 (cal 1035)


Add soup $3.50 (cal 235-510) | All salads are served tossed with dressing,
unless otherwise requested

KALE + SPINACH SALAD organic greens, blueberries, blackberries,
strawberries, toasted almonds, goat cheese, poppyseed dressing $13.25 (cal:
undressed 320 | dressing +300) with grilled chicken $16.95 (cal +300) | with
grilled salmon $18.95 (cal +285)

CHICKEN ASIAN CHOP CHOP sesame-glaze, snow peas, roasted peanuts, red bell
peppers, jicama, wontons, peanut-ginger dressing $13.95 (cal: undressed 680
| dressing +300)

CHAR-CRUSTED AHI TUNA SALAD* cashews, banana chips, carrots, scallions,
cilantro, wontons, banana-ginger vinaigrette $16.25 (cal: undressed 640 |
dressing +275)
small $13.25 (cal: undressed +425)

BUFFALO BLEU SALAD buffalo chicken tenders, bacon, cheddar, croutons, spicy
pecans, red bell peppers, tomatoes, red onion, gorgonzola, buttermilk ranch
(cal: undressed 1050 | dressing +280) | small $12.95 (cal: undressed 630)

CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD grated parmesan, polenta croutons $13.95
(cal: undressed 615 | dressing +510) add grilled salmon for $5 (cal 285)

STEAK & WEDGE SALAD* 5 oz. sirloin, bacon, spicy pecans, asparagus, beets,
gorgonzola, scallions, polenta croutons, blue cheese dressing $17.50
(cal: undressed 775 | dressing +475)

HEARTLAND GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD bacon, chddar, spicy pecans, red onions, red
peppers, tomatoes, croutons, buttermilk ranch $14.25 (cal: undressed 825 |
dressing +280) small $12.25 (cal: undressed 480) add grilled salmon for $5
(cal 145-285)
also available with crispy chicken tenders (cal 180-270)



Includes your choice of two sides, unless otherwise noted (cal 40-720)
Add firecracker shrimp for $6.95 (cal 600) | Add soup or side salad $3.50
(cal 235-510)

CLASSIC KANSAS CITY STRIP* 12 oz. of the most flavorful cut of meat $27.95
(cal 860)

CENTER-CUT FILET MIGNON* 6 oz. $25.95 (cal 490) | 4 oz. $19.95 (cal 325)

PETITE TOP SIRLOIN* 5 oz. $18.95 (cal 340)


Choice of one side (cal 40-720) | Add soup or side salad $3.50 (cal 235-510)

SO. CAL FISH TACOS panko-breaded cod, chipotle mayo, napa cabbage, honey
cumin dressing, sour cream $12.95 (cal 975)

BRENTWOOD CHICKEN SANDWICH bacon, gouda, Dijon mayo, baby greens, tomato,
red onion $13.75. Choice of grilled (cal 1325) or fried (cal 1615)

SOUTHWEST GRILLED CHICKEN WRAP spicy pecans, red bell peppers, bacon,
tortilla straws, lettuce, tomatoes, pepper jack, buttermilk ranch $12.50
(cal 830)

FRENCH DIP roast beef, swiss cheese, au jus, creamy horseradish $13.75 (cal


Choice of one side (cal 40-720) | Add soup or side salad $3.50 (cal 235-510)
Sub a gluten-free bun, add $2.00

Our burgers are never frozen, made with a signature blend of fresh sirloin,
brisket, and chuck

THE KANSA CITY BURGER* brown sugar bacon, BBQ carnitas, onion straws,
cheddar, BBQ sauce $14.95 (cal 1250)

HOULIHAN'S BURGER* lettuce, tomato, red onion $12.65 (cal 740)

THE MELTY CHEESY CHEESEBURGER* bacon, BBQ beer glaze, diced onions &pickles,
with our signature five cheese blend $13.95 (cal 1125)

THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER Impossible Burger patty, cheddar, special sauce,
lettuce, tomato, brioche bun, choice of side $12.95 (cal 715)
Made entirely from plants for people who love meat.





























SIDES $4.95




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