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On Friday, April 1, 2022, at 8:00 PM eastern the National Federation of the Blind of SC invites you to movie night! This month we will be showing the audio described movie the Greatest Showman. Feel free to share this with your family, friends and others! This movie is rated PG and the run time is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Information about the movie is below the Zoom link to join us!


Federation Center Zoom


 <https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8032543777?pwd=QTVQd2RzN3l6QnNmZ0FmSnp6NG8vQT09> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8032543777?pwd=QTVQd2RzN3l6QnNmZ0FmSnp6NG8vQT09

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As a child, P. T. Barnum and his tailor father, Philo, work for the Hallett family. Barnum falls for the Halletts’ daughter Charity. When Charity attends finishing school, she and Barnum write to each other until reuniting as adults. They eventually marry and raise two daughters, Caroline and Helen, in New York City. They live a humble life; though Charity is happy, Barnum craves more (“A Million Dreams”).


Barnum loses his shipping clerk job when the company goes bankrupt. He later secures a bank loan, deceptively using his former employer's lost ships as "collateral". He opens Barnum's American Museum in downtown Manhattan which features various wax figures. Ticket sales are slow, so Caroline and Helen suggest showcasing something "alive". Barnum adds "freak" performers, such as bearded lady Lettie Lutz and dwarf man Charles Stratton. This garners higher attendance, but also protests and poor reviews from well-known critic James Gordon Bennett (“Come Alive”).


Barnum renames his venture, "Barnum's Circus" and recruits playwright Phillip Carlyle to help generate publicity (“The Other Side”). Phillip is mesmerized by the African American trapeze artist, Anne Wheeler, but he hides his feelings. While touring abroad, Phillip arranges for Barnum and his troupe to meet Queen Victoria. Barnum persuades famed Swedish singer Jenny Lind to tour America, with him as her manager. Lind's American debut is a success. During her song, Phillip's parents see him and Anne holding hands (“Never Enough”). As Barnum gains favor with aristocratic patrons, he distances himself from his troupe, advising them to work without him. Dejected, they decide to stand against their local harassers (“This Is Me”).


When Phillip and Anne attend the theater together, they run into Phillip's parents. They chastise him for "parading around with the help". Phillip tries to convince Anne that they can be together, but she disagrees, saying they will never be accepted socially because of her skin colour (“Rewrite the Stars”). As Barnum takes Lind on a U.S. tour, Charity, who stays home with the girls, feels isolated from her husband (“Tightrope”). While on tour, Lind becomes romantically attracted to Barnum. When he rebuffs her, she threatens to quit and later retaliates with a surprise kiss at the end of her last show, which is photographed by the press.


Barnum returns home to find his circus on fire, caused by a fight between protesters and the troupe. Phillip runs into the burning building to save Anne, not knowing that she has already escaped. He suffers serious injuries before Barnum rescues him. Barnum learns the culprits have been caught and that Lind has cancelled her tour after her and Barnum's "scandal". Barnum's mansion is foreclosed upon and Charity takes the girls to her parents' home.


Devastated, Barnum retreats to a local bar. His troupe finds him there and say that despite their disappointments, they still consider themselves a family. Inspired, he resolves to build a new show and not let ambition rule him (“From Now On”). Phillip awakens in a hospital with Anne by his side, while Barnum and Charity reconcile.


A recovering Phillip offers his share of the profits to help Barnum rebuild the circus in exchange for becoming a full partner, which Barnum readily accepts. To economize, Barnum transforms the enterprise into an open-air tent circus. The revamped circus is a huge success and Barnum has Phillip take his place as the ringmaster so the former can spend more time with his family. Barnum leaves the circus early and arrives on an elephant to attend Caroline and Helen's ballet recital (“The Greatest Show”). The movie ends with a quote from P.T. Barnum that reads "The noblest art is that of making people happy".



Hugh Jackman as P. T. Barnum, an ambitious showman and entrepreneur

Ellis Rubin as Young Barnum

Ziv Zaifman provides Young Barnum's singing voice[8]

Zac Efron as Phillip Carlyle, a playwright who becomes Barnum's partner

Michelle Williams as Charity Hallett-Barnum, the wife of P. T. Barnum

Skylar Dunn as Young Charity

Rebecca Ferguson as Jenny Lind, a famous Swedish singer known as the "Swedish Nightingale"

Loren Allred provides Lind's singing voice.[9]

Zendaya as Anne Wheeler, an acrobat, a trapeze artist, W.D.’s younger sister and Phillip’s love interest.

Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz, a bearded lady.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as W. D. Wheeler, an acrobat and Anne's older brother

Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Deng Yan, a Chinese acrobat and blade specialist

Paul Sparks as James Gordon Bennett, the founder, editor, and publisher of the New York Herald

Sam Humphrey as Charles Stratton, a dwarf performer who is also known by his stage name General Tom Thumb

Fredric Lehne as Benjamin Hallett, Charity's father and Barnum's father-in-law

Gayle Rankin as Queen Victoria

Eric Anderson as Mr. O'Malley, a former pickpocket whom Barnum employs at his circus

Byron Jennings as Mr. Carlyle, Phillip's father

Betsy Aidem as Mrs. Carlyle, Phillip's mother

Damian Young as Mr. Winthrop

Tina Benko as Mrs. Winthrop

Will Swenson as Philo Barnum, a tailor and the late father of P. T. Barnum

Radu Spinghel as O'Clancy, the tall man based on "Captain" George Auger

Luciano Acuna Jr. as the Dog Boy, based on Fedor Jeftichew

Caoife Coleman and Mishay Petronelli as the Albino Twins

Danial Son and Yusaku Komori as Chang and Eng Bunker, the Siamese Twins

Daniel Everidge as the Lord of Leeds, a fat man

Shannon Holtzapffel as Captain Constentenous, the Tattooed Man




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