[NFBOH-Cleveland] [Ohio-Talk] Call to hear Experts share information about COVID-19 and how to protect yourself

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Thu Mar 19 17:01:55 UTC 2020

I just found out that if you have questions on this call you can press *3.

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Subject: [Ohio-Talk] Call to hear Experts share information about COVID-19
and how to protect yourself



You can call today at 1:00 PM to hear experts on COVID-19. 


During the 90-minute live event being held at 1:00 pm today, government
experts will answer your questions and address your health concerns related
to COVID-19. They'll share information that can protect you from coronavirus
scams and help you care for your loved ones during this time.

Call toll-free 

855-274-9507 to join the live event and ask questions. You can also listen
to the live stream
Us8y5CcMU0d6NZMTmL6cNJ36Lo9p8%3d> here during 

Us8y5CcMU0d6NZMTmL6cNJ36Lo9p8%3d> ere during the event.

Meet the Experts

Lance Robertson, Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging,
Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human

Jay C. Butler, M.D., deputy director for infectious diseases, Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention

Daniel Kaufman, deputy director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal
Trade Commission





 <https://acl.gov/COVID-19> ACL.GOV/COVID-19



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