[NFBOK-Talk] Subject: FW: URGENT: Public Transit Could Be ELIMINATED from the Highway Trust Fund!

Jeannie Massay jmassay1 at cox.net
Mon Nov 2 22:26:00 UTC 2015

Federation family,

The below e-mail was  sent with high importance to me today. Please take
action by calling your congressman to tell them where you stand on the issue
below. Our voices are heard when we speak together!

I hope everyone is off to a great start for the week!




As many of you know, the lack of public transportation is a major barrier to
those clients our agency serves. Many times, lack of transportation prevents
DRS clients from getting back and forth to school, to finding work, and
getting to and from work once they become employed.  


Those of you who have heard me speak about this issue will remember that I
have said continuation and expansion of public transportation in the State
of Oklahoma, particularly in rural Oklahoma, relies heavily on funding from
the Federal Transportation Administration. Oklahoma's public transportation
industry has been unable to sustain or expand many routes because the
funding is so uncertain. Transportation funding across the nation has
continued piece meal due to continuing resolutions. That is no way to budget
for long term planning. Public Transportation advocates have been pushing
for multi-year funding but it has not yet happened. 

According to Voices for Public Transportation,   "A few members of Congress
are trying to amend the new Surface Transportation Reauthorization and
Reform Act so that public transit will no longer be included in the Highway
Trust Fund.  What does this mean? If these amendments pass, it means public
transit will not receive federal funding."

Many of us use public transportation on a regular basis; additionally, we
all have friends, family, clients, or co-workers who rely on public
transportation to get them to medical appointments, grocery shopping,
employment, or just out for recreation within the community.

contact your U.S. Representative to express your wishes that Public
Transportation NOT be eliminated from the Highway Trust Fund. Call your
representative directly or Call (888) 443-5862 TODAY to speak with your
Representative's office! This toll free number will be answered by an
automated system of Voices for Public Transportation and when you enter your
home zip code, you will be directed to your Congressman's office staff.  I
have made my call today! 

To learn more about Voices for Public Transportation, here is the internet

Public transportation might not be so important to you right now, but sooner
or later we will all need a ride.  Let's do what we can to make sure public
transportation continues to be funded -at least until Oklahoma can sustain
transportation on its own.



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