[NFBOK-Talk] NFB Senior Division 2nd Conference call 4/13/16

Jeannie Massay jmassay1 at cox.net
Tue Apr 5 21:45:30 UTC 2016



>Second Conference Call Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Churchgoing--Making 
>Everyone more Comfortable with Our Blindness moderated by Tom Anderson, 
>president of the national Association of the Blind in Communities of 
>Faith, Kansas.

>Tom Anderson is a longtime Federationist who has taught Braille for 
>several years at the Colorado Center for the Blind.  He now resides in 
>Kansas and has been the moving force behind the NFB in Communities of 
>Faith group.  Please join him as he moderates this all-important topic.  
>Share your thoughts and suggestions and strategies.

>The numbers to dial are the same:

>712-432-1500 with access code:

>759633pound.  You will then be asked if this is correct as you hear the 
>access code repeated that you just dialed.  You are prompted to press
>(1)  if the code is correct.  You then announce yourself by stating yor 
>name, and, you are entered into the conference call.

>The time for the calls remains the same as well:

>4:00  Eastern,
>3:00  Central,
>2:00  Mountain,
>1:00  Pacific time.

>I understand, in the past, we have had people join us from other time 
>zones such as Hawaii.  We are delighted that you have joined the call 
>and hope you will continue to do so.  Please determine for yourself the 
>time to enter the call if you live in another time zone  other than 
>those listed above.
>the call if missed, can be listened to again with a playback number 
>which will be given a few hours after the calls have taken place.
>The main playback number is:  712-432-1202.  You will then be asked to 
>choose from a menu of numbers from 1 to about 13 up to 17 as each call 
>is put on the list in sequence of dates in which the conference call 
>took place.

>In order to obtain the best possible sound for these calls, it is 
>recommended that each caller, after dialing in, press star 6 which puts 
>you in a mute mode.  You will be able to hear everything during the 
>call but background noise from your location will not disturb others 
>listening in on the conversation.  When you wish to speak and enter the 
>discussion, press star 6 once again and you will be released from the 
>mute mode and able to participate.

>It is also highly recommended that each person wishing to speak state 
>his or her name and wait for the moderator to recognize you before 
>speaking.  We can have too many people trying to seek the floor at one 
>time and chaos can occur.  The moderator will do his very best to 
>recognize as many callers as possible however, he will determine the 
>order in which speakers poceed.

>Again, when finished with your comments, press star 6 once again to go 
>back into mute mode to facilitate better, uncluttered communication for 
>everyone. If using your speaker on your phone, you can also put the 
>star 6 mute mode and listen just the same.  However, in the past, we 
>have heard people moving about their home with their speaker on.  So, 
>please, please use the star 6 mute  mode so you and everyone else can 
>hear more clearly.
>Please share this information with your friends and especially 
>newcomers to the federation family.  I look forward to hearing and 
>speaking with many of you in the next several weeks.
>Ruth Sager,
>NFB Senior Division


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