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Here is the web site to find out your legislative representatives. Keep scrolling down and you’ll find it. For JAWS users, just keep hitting the letter f for form and it will drop you to it. Just fill out your address and zip. It will give both state and national representatives for your districts.

Attached is the 2 bills we need to be yelling about.

Please call them and and any other representative you can think of!!!!


From: Mike Hamrick 
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 3:31 PM
To: Aletha Wright ; Allen Zoeller ; Billy Rogers ; Dan Goodall ; David Altstatt Sr ; Don LaPorte ; Gates Miskovsky ; Glenn Benedict ; Jeff Penick ; Jennifer Taylor ; John Wardwell ; Matt Jones ; Mike Spencer ; Randy Jones ; Renee Mark ; Rhonda Hutson ; Rob Brown ; Rob Slaughterbeck ; Scott Eubank ; Sharon Altstatt ; Tara Brown ; Randy Howard ; Odis Breeden ; Jerry Scott 
Cc: Doug C. Boone ; Curtis Cunningham ; Terry Hope ; Charles Pride 
Subject: Legislative actions

Recently we have been made aware of two legislative bills submitted within the State House of Representatives that could have an effect on the BEP program. It’s situations like this that make it so very important for you to make your voice heard at the Capitol. We always encourage you to come to the Capitol on Disability Awareness Day (this year on April 5th) and visit with your Legislators, but this may very well be a time you need to make that call and send that letter now to inform your state representatives of how you feel with what is happening. I am attaching both House Bills for your review and again I can’t stress enough how important it is to make your voice heard. Thanks 


Mike Hamrick

BEP Operations Coordinator

Oklahoma Dept. of Rehabilitation Services


Fax: 405.523.4821

Email: mhamrick at okdrs.gov

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