[NFBOK-Talk] Accessibility and equality issues of interest

Jeannie Massay jmassay1 at cox.net
Fri Jan 22 20:46:16 UTC 2016

Greetings, fellow Federationist, 


Please read the message below. If you have an interest or can help provide
information to the legal team at the National center, please do so. 


Should you be attending Washington Seminar on Monday, January 25, be sure to
stop by the NFB Legal Department's survey table in the hotel lobby. In an
effort to gather critical accessibility information from members, the Legal
Department will be conducting member surveys on the following topics: 

*	Redbox 

*	We are seeking members who have tried to use or would like to use
Redbox video and video game rental kiosks. 

*	Social Security Kiosks and Forms 

*	We are gathering information regarding inaccessible field office
kiosks or online forms. 

*	Online Banking 

*	We are gathering information pertaining to the accessibility of
online-only banks. 

*	Electronic Health Records 

*	We are seeking information from employees and students required to
use electronic health record systems on the job or for school purposes. 

*	Employment 

*	We are seeking information from anyone who has attempted to fill out
an online job application or take an online employment test with
screen-access software. 

*	Common Core State Standard Assessments 

*	We are seeking information regarding K-12 students who completed a
2015 PARCC or Smarter Balanced assessment or will be taking a 2016 PARCC or
Smarter Balanced assessment. 

*	Technology in Higher Education 

*	We are gathering information regarding inaccessible technology and
discriminatory practices and feedback on the accessibility of student loan

Additionally, Tim Elder is seeking members who have encountered inaccessible
touchscreen devices at the Applebee's diner chain.  Please contact Tim Elder
by telephone at 410-415-3493, email at telder at trelegal.com
<mailto:telder at trelegal.com> , or Twitter, @trelegal, if you have recently
visited an Applebee's location in the United States.  We want to hear about
any experience you had with inaccessible touchscreen devices that are used
for ordering food, paying a bill, and performing other tasks.



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