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See the announcement below. if you are attending National Convention, you'll want to stop by this event. It's going to be fun and informative.  

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> Try It at the NF-BE Healthy Fair!
> Presented by NFB Sports and Recreation Division and WE Fit Wellness
> Kick off your convention with the most high energy, hands on, happening seminar of the week. Get your climb on with our climb to independence sponsors United States Association of Blind Athletes. Watch your favorite Federation leaders go head to head in the National Association of Blind Merchants Audio Described Arm Wrestling Extravaganza. Got a little extra blood? Get rid of it at the OneBlood blood drive. Bang on some cardio drums with WE Fit Wellness, sword fight with SAAVI, try out BlindAlive eyes free workouts, and check out the hot new Apple watch with NFB of Colorado Sports and Rec. You can do all this and more. Working up a sweat yet? Stop by the Sports and Rec table to buy your moisture wick quick dry technical T-Shirt or grab a bottle of water from the National Association of Blind Students. You can do all this and more in the Sebastian Ballroom J from 10-4. Here is a sneak peek at our list of NF-BE Healthy Fair and Try it Seminar events. Come by and Try It!
> ·       OneBlood Blood Drive
> ·       Rock climbing
> ·       Audio Described Arm Wrestling
> ·       Traditional Japanese Sword Fighting
> ·       BlindAlive Eyes Free Fitness
> ·       Goalball
> ·       Tennis
> ·       Weight Lifting
> ·       Guide Running
> ·       Beep Baseball
> ·       Cardio Drumming
> ·       Body Composition Station
> ·       Push Up Station
> ·       Apple Watch Demo and Raffle
> ·       FitBit Demo
> ·       Zumba
> ·       Salsa Dancing
> ·       Yoga
> ·       Relaxation Station with Essential Oils
> ·       Arbon
> ·       OneTouch Self Defense
> ·       Total Life Changes Nutrition Supplements
> ·       Sports and Rec T-Shirts
> ·       KNFB-Reader and NFB-NEWSLINE® for Health
> ·       Independence Market Healthy Product Information
> ·       Good hydration station
> ·       Healthy Communities Community Service Booth
> The NFB Sports and Recreation Division and WE Fit Wellness extend a huge thank you to our sponsors!
> National Association of Blind Merchants – Platinum Plus Sponsor
> United States Association of Blind Athletes – Climb for Independence Sponsors
> Southern Association of the Visually Impaired SAAVI – Gold Sponsor
> Blackstone Consulting Inc – Gold Sponsor
> Southern Foods Inc – Gold Sponsor
> BlindAlive – Silver Sponsor
> BLIND Inc. – Silver Sponsor
> National Federation of the Blind of Colorado Sports and Recreation Division – Bronze Sponsor
> Colorado Center for the Blind – Bronze Sponsor
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