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3rd Senior Division Conference Call for 2016


5/11/16 How do you solve the little things in life after significant vision
loss occurs?  Moderator, Jan bailey,  Minnesota


My name is Jan Bailey and I was a rehabilitation counselor for 31 

years at State Services for the Blind.   I have a Master's Degree in 

rehabilitation counseling from Utah State University.


I have been blind all of my life. Six years ago I became a contract 

vendor for the state of MN and started my own business JB 

Rehabilitation Enterprises.


I teach classes to seniors to help them adjust to their vision loss, 

I teach Braille, daily living and cooking skills to blind teens and 

adults, I'm chair of the board of the MN State academies for the 

Blind and Deaf, am president of my local National Federation of the 

Blind chapter, and am also a member of the state board of NFB of MN.


I'm a member of the Lions Club, and do a lot of volunteer work for my


Please join Jan and fellow Federationists as she leads this 3rd NFB 

Senior Division conference call, Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at the usual 

times and numbers:


4:00 Eastern


3:00 central,


2:00 Mountain,


1:00 Pacific time.



Dial:  712-432-1500 with access code: 759633pound.


You will be then asked to confirm the last access code numbers and 

press 1 to be included in the conference call.


As usual, we ask that you put your telephone, (even when using the 

speaker) on a "mute" mode by pressing star 6.  When you wish to 

comment or ask a question, unmute yourself by pressing once again, star 6.


In our last call, we did have several people trying to speak at once 

so, after making your comments, please put yourself back in the 

"mute" mode with star 6.


If you state your name, the moderator will be able to recognize you 

for your questions and remarks and, is most happy to do so.


As usual, the call will be recorded and posted on our NFB senior web 

page for download or podcast.  You can also use your telephone to 

listen once again with the following numbers:


Playback number:  712-432-1202.  Access code:


759633pound.  You then are asked for a reference number and, for this 

call it will be number 16.


As always, please share this information with your friends, chapter 

members and especially to those who may be knew to the Federation.


We look forward to hearing from you and we trust you will share what you
learn with your family, friends and members in the community who may 

be losing vision.



Ruth Sager,




NFB Senior Division










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The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the
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expectations of the blind because low expectations create obstacles between
blind people and our dreams. Blindness is not what holds you back. You can
live the life you want.!. 


"Whatever you dare to dream, begin." - Goethe 


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