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Thank you for bringing this bill to my attention.   I will research the issue but from what you have told me it sounds like a no vote for me.


All the best,




From: Rhonda Hutson [mailto:rhondahutson3 at gmail.com] 
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 7:43 AM
To: Eric Proctor
Subject: HB1861 Elderly Blind


Dear Representative,


We know that a private company wants to get into the act of the blind community to make money for themselves. The public does not know or understand how to teach the blind community because they do not have the training to do so. Blindness is not just a medical disease but a way of life. We do things a little differently to get the job done!


HB1861 will also take federal dollars away from the Department of Rehabilitation Services which already have the trained people in place in teaching our elderly. 


I went to public school during my elementary years as a very low vision student. Teachers were not trained how to teach or deal with me nor were they trained in handling the bullying that I endured. By the end of 5th grade, my grades had dropped to C’s and D’s. I didn’t care if I ever went back. I started the Oklahoma School for the Blind at the beginning of the 6th grade and my grades went to A’s and B’s in the first 9 weeks. They stayed there till I graduated even a year early. What a difference in having the people that knew how to teach me!


Baby Boomers are losing their vision and the pool of the blind is getting larger. I ask would you want someone to treat you as a medical condition or teach you a new way of life to be able to stay independent. Please vote no on HB 1861! Thank you!


Rhonda Hutson

Rhondahutson3 at gmail.com




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