[NFBOK-Talk] Thank you to House Reps

Rhonda Hutson rhondahutson3 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 13:43:24 UTC 2017

We might would like to send thank you e-mails and make phone calls to the reps that have killed 2 of the house bills. Might gain us some favor with them for the future! The assistant to Rep. O’Donnell seemed surprised when I told her that I would. They don’t get many thanks. Also, please remember to spell check your e-mails to make us look more professional!

Rep. Cockroft did not allow HB1196 even to go to committee.
      josh.cockroft at okhouse.gov 
      (405) 557-7349 

Author of HB2278
      Terry O’Donnell
      terry.odonnell at okhouse.gov 
      (405) 557-7379 

HB2230 has not gone to committee yet. We are calling and watching every week. 

HB1681 has troubles. It also has not gone to committee yet but another bill was introduced in the Senate and is getting ready to go before the Appropriations committee. This bill is SB733.

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