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Hello all,


Please see the important information below about how to get access to NFB
National Convention information on NFB-Newsline. Hope everyone has a great
convention week!


Audrey T. Farnum, J.D.

First Vice President

National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma


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From: Scott White <swhite at nfb.org> 
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2020 4:25 PM
To: Audrey Farnum <atfarnum at gmail.com>
Subject: Information on the 2020 NFB Convention


In order to keep our subscribers informed about the upcoming National
Federation of the Blind's 2020 National Convention, we will be offering the
full agenda, the listing of sponsors and exhibitors, details on the
NFB-NEWSLINE sessions, and the up-to-date postings of the 2020 NFB
Resolutions. These resolutions will be available within three hours after
the conclusion of the committee's work on Wednesday, July 15th. 

To access each of these publications on the phone, press 5 off the main
menu. Then select option 5 for "National Meetings of Interest to the Print
Disabled". From there you can select from the available list.

If using web news on-demand, after logging in, go to the main options menu
and select "publications organized by state." Then, select "National
Meetings of Interest to the Print-Disabled." From there you can select from
the available list. 

For the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile App/iOS users, select "all publications." Then,
you can search for the available publications. They are: NFB 2020 Convention
Agenda; NFB 2020 Convention Sponsors and Exhibitors; NFB-NEWSLINE 2020
Session offerings; or NFB 2020 Resolutions.

We hope you enjoy the groundbreaking virtual NFB 2020 Convention! 

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