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For those of you not familiar with NFB Newsline, this is some of the
content available  listted in the forwarded email below my signature.

Wendy Walker
San Antonio Chapter

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Hello  everyone,

Here's hoping you all are continuing to stay safe and healthy!

The following articles have been recently posted to Newsline:

What is assistive technology for students with learning disabilities (LD);
Texas Parents of Blind Children.

How to recruit and hire people with disabilities, one of the most overlooked
talent pools in the US; Employment Resources.

Eating 2 Servings of Avocado a Week Can Dramatically Decrease Your Risk for
Heart Disease New Study Finds; Health and Wellness/Nutrition & Diet.

Nutrition vs. Weight Loss: Consumers Shifting Away from Diet Culture; Health
and Wellness/Nutrition & Diet.

Why Congress is moving forward from turning the clocks forward ; Health and
Wellness/Diseases & Conditions.

In a reversal, Medicare will cover 8 free COVID 19 home tests per month
beginning this spring; Coronavirus News and Information.

A faulty immune response may be behind lingering brain trouble after COVID
19; Coronavirus News and Information.

Genetic variants close to two genes involved in smell may make people more
likely to lose their sense of taste or smell during a corona virus
infection; Coronavirus News and Information.

Justice Department Issues Guidance on Ballot Drop Box Accessibility
Requirements Under the Americans with Disabilities Act; News and

A money order allows you to send funds securely and with a paper trail; News
and Information.

To read the News and Information

Channel using the telephone method, select number 2 off the Main Menu for
Your State Information Channel. You will then be prompted to press number 9
to progress through the menu choices until you hear the News and Information

To read the News and Information Channel using the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile app,
navigate to the Information Sources page and select Texas State Specific
Channel. There, you can navigate through the alphabetized list to the News
and Information.

I encourage you to send in articles for posting to Newsline.

Contact your chapter NFB-NEWSLINE Ambassador to ask about submitting
articles that can help toward the 2022 NFB-NEWSLINE Texas Grant Challenge.

Best wishes to you all!

National Federation of the Blind of Texas
"Live the life you want."
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