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Subject: Important-Please read-We're voting on our strategic plan on October 25
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Hi everyone,

As most of you know, we held a strategic planning Retreat for the Greater Alexandria Chapter in late August, where over fifteen people came together to craft a chapter strategy to guide us for the coming years. To those who could attend, we appreciate your input and we’re so excited about the discussions and outputs. Thank you!

I have attached two documents for all of the chapter to review. My ask is that you at least review document #1, as we will vote on this document at our meeting on October 25, asking you to approve our strategic plan.

The documents attached are:

1.	The Grater Alexandria Chapter Strategic Plan—We’ll ask you to vote on this after a short presentation on Thursday night; and,
2.	The full set of outputs from our strategic planning retreat. This second document is a FYI and provides some background of discussions we had at the retreat.

If you have any questions about the strategic plan, document 1, please bring those questions to the meeting or contact me directly at 614-519-3026 or jwg at sgendeavors.com <mailto:jwg at sgendeavors.com> .

After we vote to approve our strategic plan, we’ll break into teams, based on our four priorities, to start digging into our next steps.

Read at least document 1 and come prepared to start implementing our strategy.

See you on Thursday,

Jeremy and the rest of the board



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