[NFBV-Blind-Parents] New List for Blind Parents

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Oct 22 02:15:56 UTC 2018

Hello Virginia Federationists:

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new list for Virginia 
Federationists, particularly those of us who are blind parents.  The 
list is called nfbv-blind-parents. Its purpose is:

This list is sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind,
NFB, and the NFB of Virginia.

This list is a platform for the blind parents of Virginia to exchange 
parenting resources
and gain local support in blind parenting related issues.

The list is moderated by Jessica Reed. You can reach her at:

jessicac.kostiw at gmail.com

To subscribe to the list, either go to:


and fill out the form, or send e-mail to:

nfbv-blind-parents-request at nfbnet.org and put the word subscribe on 
the subject line.

David Andrews, List Owner and former Virginian

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