[Nfbv-historic-fredericksburg] Business

Hollis Frisch hollisfrisch at verizon.net
Mon Dec 14 02:18:28 UTC 2015

We have some business to conduct Thursday evening.  First, there will be
elections for four officers and two board members.  We will also elect a
delegate and alternate to represent our chapter on the state board.  Only
dues paying members can vote.  All dues must be paid before the election

We have another matter on which to vote.  If possible, in the interests of
time, I hope to avoid protracted discussion, so I am asking you to think
about this between now and Thursday.  We had a trail of Saturday meetings
for the last several months. I am pleased with the results.  Attendance
definitely improved.  Do we want to continue these Saturday meetings? If so,
I very strongly recommend  having our first meeting of the new year January
9 to give all of us sufficient time to prepare for the Richmond and
Washington legislative activities.  Our winter quarterly state board meeting
will be in Richmond January 18.  The following day, January 19, we will
visit with as many as possible of our state legislators.  The following
week, what has been known for many years as the Washington Seminar has
activities which begin the weekend of January 22.   Usually, for example,
our national student division has an outstanding seminar.

We can meet Saturday morning, January 9,at the four seasons restaurant at
10:00.  People can either get there early and have breakfast, or stay for
lunch after the meeting.  The food is priced extremely reasonably.  The
quality is better than what we experienced at our most recent day time
restaurant meetings  in July and last November.  

Two of our chapter members, Mark Ross who lives in Montclair and Andrea
Perry who lives in Quantico, would really like to attend this Thursday's
meeting if anyone would be able to provide transportation.  Mark and Andrea
live near one another, so one person might be able to transport both of
them.  The chapter could reimburse for mileage if this is an issue of
concern.  Andrea is a new member who already attended two meetings and the
state convention.  She is planning to begin her rehabilitation training in
Richmond immediately after the new year begins.  Mark Ross attended our most
recent convention and really enjoyed helping at the Virginia table.  

I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all  our chapter members who
helped me get through last year as a brand new president.  Once upon a time,
almost 25 years ago, I served as an affiliate present, but that was an
entirely different experience, part of another era.  Last year was my first
experience as a chapter president.  I asked the nominating committee to put
me on the slate again this year.  If elected, I will concentrate on being a
much better listener.   

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