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National Federation of the Blind - Fredericksburg Chapter
Meeting Minutes - March 18, 2017 - 10:00 am
Central Rappahannock Regional Library

Attendees:  Holly Frisch, Michael Kasey, Bernie Werwie, Will Werwie, Laurie Wages, Hannah Wages, Mark Ross, Leon Anderson, Maria Anderson, Jessica Reed and Lila

  1.  Discussion of February meeting - Jodi Silverberg's husband Hank spoke to the chapter; Secretary did not attend, so no minutes were taken

  1.  Bernie suggested that his son, Will, help out the chapter; Will Werwie is now the Program Committee chairperson for the Fredericksburg chapter - Will and Bernie want Will to be a more active participant in the NFB

  1.  Walk with the Blind - April 22;

     *   Ed Kenlon has agreed to bring his motorcycle and friends;

     *   Tracy is filling out paperwork for the city and also contacting Free Lance Star for publicity;

     *   People have already started collecting donations and gift certificates;

     *   Discussion about where we should collect donations - outside of the city and Caroline Street to educate the larger community

     *   Sponsor forms and flyers were passed out to members, but they were also sent in email format prior to the meeting as well

  1.  The chapter listened to the Presidential Release

  1.  We went over the treasurer’s report

  1.  Dues are five dollars a person, please pay if you have not yet for the year 2017

  1.  Bernie Werwie asked if his son Will could become a lifetime member

  1.  Bernie asked if the ranking members could have a copy of the financial report, especially as a lifetime member; Bernie wants the minutes and financial reports in an accessible format; Holly will check with Tracy Soforenko to see if we can send out the financial report to everyone; Bernie will follow up with Tracy Soforenko himself as well

  1.  Laurie will send the monthly minutes to Holly for approval and then send to the chapter so everyone can see minutes if they didn’t make it

  1.  Leon asked Bernie about a comment he made about folks from Stafford and if he was thinking about a chapter up there; Bernie said he is giving this chapter a chance but thinks we need to reach out more to people outside of Fredericksburg as well

  1.  Holly reminded everyone to come together despite differences

  1.  Bernie asked if we could get an agenda out prior to meetings to let members know what is going on and allow people to share the information and to get a contact list; Holly asked what Bernie would could do to help

  1.  Bernie asked that a more formal agenda be sent out and not be so lengthy, with just points we are talking about

  1.  Will asked what is entailed with the program committee - Holly said it would be to see what members want to hear about

  1.  Leon suggested we have a 30 minute discussion every meeting to talk about blindness issues; members can bring to the table what concerns they have and talk to each other about how they do it or solve problems; Leon suggested we email Holly any topics we want to discuss and she can pick a few we will discuss at each meeting; Holly can include what topics we will talk about in our blindness issues discussion when she sends out the monthly agenda prior to our meeting; This will create interest and learn from each other, for example “traveling through an airport”.

  1.  Meeting adjourned at 11:22 am
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