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UPCOMING MEETING – Our regular monthly meeting of theHistoric Fredericksburg Chapter of the NFB will be held this Saturday morningat the downtown main library at 10 AM. As part of the meeting, there will be asession on some technologies that can be a benefit to a visually impared person’slife. There will be two areas of tech looked at on Saturday along withquestions and discussion.

     First on theagenda will be the computer and websites and WiFi. Some information on smartitems.

     Next, we willtalk and demonstrate how useful APP’s and a smart phone can be to a person’slife. I know we all hear scary prices when smart phones are mentioned but thereare some ways to lower costs and the Federal government is talking about somechanges to help the BVI.

     I am an iPhoneuser as are many in the BVI community. They have been the leader inaccessability for a long time. Other companies are improving and are talkingabout things thay have coming but not here yet.

     Most APP’s areavailable on all types of smart phones but I can not speak to how well theywork on other phones.

     I even have some magicphone numbers for computer problems and what maybe a a real problem solvingAPP.

     One last thing,what is your birth month and day (year is optional).  I would like to add it to our memberinformation file. You can give it to me Saturday or e-mail me with the info. Ijust think it is nice to say Happy Birthday.

Dick   804-238-5608   rtbyrne at aol.com
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