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Howdy – I hope every one is feeling good and enjoying thearrival of Fall. Halloween is going to be very different this year. I hope I donot have to eat a ton of candy that is not given out. The bags we send to ourgrandkids will be larger this year.


     The first orderof business should be election of chapter officers. A slate of candidates isbeing prepared and you will receive it shortly. It will also contain instructionsfor how to vote. Please make sure you vote. If you are interested in runningfor aan office, contact Holly Frisch or Lori Wages immediately. They need topublish the list of candidates ASAP.

     Next on my listis our virtual convention. I hope you have registered. You need to beregistered to vote and bid on items in the auctions. You might also win a doorprize. They have not asked me for an up-to-date list of paid members yet but Ihope you are paid to participate in voting and bidding and door prizing. Callme if you have aqwuestion about dues. 804-238-5608


Lastly, I want to mention the last couple of BlindAbilities, in case my frequent mentions have not gotten you in the habit ofchecking out the podcasts on your own.

     The most recentwas about the chapter in Pennsylvania and their virtuel talent show. Theprevious podcast was about GoodMaps, an APP that is a GPS that gives locationand by pointing the phone you get information about what is in that direction.I have not played with it much yet but I will. It also will work indoors, ifthe building has been mapped. An example might be a mall or airport.

The third is a retired state worker who worked for thwdepartment for blind and visually impaired. It talks about her website whereshe teaches and answers questions about using I-phones. She also talks abouther recumbent exercise bike. That sounded interesting to me as winterapproaches and I need all the exercise I can get. Sue and I were exercising ata health club pool but the virus stopped that. While the bike is not cheap, ourphysical fitness and health are important. 

     Stay well, makesure your dues are up-to-date, and vote.


Dick Byrne

rtbyrne at aol.com

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