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                    CRIER October 16th


Bon Jour –This is a special Crier to publish meeting notesfrom the last meeting and a treasurer’s report before Saturday’s meeting. Themeeting will reference these reports but you can see them here. The meetingwill also reveal the results of our election. It will be the last meeting underBrittany. She has done a great job given the problems caused by the virus andthe serious challenges she had during her child’s illness. We owe her ourgratitude for her work.


TREASURER’s Report –We have had a few donations but we havebeen unable to run a fund raiser due to the virus. The treasury is not emptybut it will be nice to put this bad time behind us and get back to an activechapter

10/12/2020                      ck1494  door prize convention   -25         

10/12/2020                      ck1495  door prize convention   -25         

              10/13/2020        debit     RegularMonthly             -10         2558.75

              14-Oct  debit     StatePAD           -50         2508.75



The September 26th meeting of the HistoricFredericksburg Chapter of the NFB was called to order by the President,Brittany Ingram at 10:00 A.M.  Those inattendance included Brittany, Jessica, Holly, Jodi, Ariel, Chris, Hannah,Laurie, Joe O, and the moderator.

Items on the agenda are the State Convention and election ofthe Chapter’s officers. 

Joe discussed the upcoming State Convention which will beheld virtually. The convention will begin October 26 to November 1.  Some sessions to be included will be parentsof blind children, resolutions, general sessions, a Town Hall event withEverett Bacon, National Representative, and more. The convention will also bestreamed via UTube/Newsline to be as accessible as possible.

Laurie Wages reminded everyone about the Silent Auction onthe website and a live auction.  Eachchapter can donate in item and get back money from the bidding.  There will also be door prizes.  October 18 is the deadline to register to bein the drawing for $100.00.  The agendawill be out 10/01 and sent again later.

Brittany thanked Joe and Laurie for this information.  She reminded everyone you have to current onpaying dues in order to vote at the convention. Dues are $5.00; reach out to Dick Byrne, treasurer if any questionsregarding payment of dues.

Brittany asked if there were any further questions/commentson convention.  Members were given threeopportunities to respond.

Next on the agenda were the Chapter’s election. Brittany isstepping down due to personal problems and will not be able to run forpresident next year.  She needs anyoneinterested in the position to step forward. (Joe indicated he enjoyed working with Brittany in the leadershipprogram the past two years and indicated she has shown great growth as aleader.  Also, a good leader recognizeswhen things aren’t working and it’s time to step down.)

Brittany indicated the need for an Election Committee.  Jessica asked Joe if we’re to make selectionsfor a nominating committee.  Dick Byrnewas asked if he was willing to run for president.  He indicated he has had experience in thatregard.  Jessica is willing to stay on asvice president.  Sue indicated she wasnot interested in remaining as secretary. Jessica asked if anyone wasinterested in combining the treasurer/secretary positions or filling the boardmember positions.

Dick suggested a Nominating Committee to speak with peopleand prepare a slate of officers. Brittany agreed there should be a committee.  Holly volunteered to chair the committee.  Anyone interested in running for a positionis asked to reach out to Holly.

Jessica asked if any of the Board was not interested inrunning again.  Holly feels if someoneelse wanted to run she would not want to prevent them.  Laurie indicated she would not be availablefor several months, Jodi indicated she is not interested, and Chris is stillinterested in a board position.

Brittany thanked those stepping up to serve and asked ifanyone else would be interested in being on the nominating committee.  Jodi not interested; Laurie agreed to workwith Holly on preparing a slate of officers to run. It was decided that Dick wouldemail chapter members with election information so those not in attendance attoday’s meeting could respond if interested. 

Dick gave a brief treasurer’s report.  The checking account balance is currently$2,568.75 after the usual monthly payments of $10.00 and $50.00.

Joe asked about door prizes and auction items for the stateconvention.  The chapter needs to contactMark Roane to make monetary donations (door prizes).  Laurie suggested eitherone or two $20-$25.00 donations.  Alsomentioned was soliciting local vendors for items or gift certificates.  Dick suggested everyone pursue donations andget back to him or Brittany.  Laurieindicated Joe had put out a form for auction item information.

Brittany asked if there were any questions or comment sbefore we adjourn. Holly interested in a recent email regarding virtual/actualmeeting.  A suggestion was made to try toset up a meeting in a park or backyard in order to maintain socialdistancing.  Brittany understood fromTracy Soforenko that that might be difficult as each locality has differentpolicies and that there would also have to be a way for those not comfortablewith meeting in person still be included, perhaps via conference call or zoom.

Brittany asked if any more comments/questions, and took thesilence an indication there were no more comments.  A motion was made by Jodi to adjourn whichwas seconded by Dick.  The meeting wasadjourned at 11:07 A.M.

Sue Byrne, Secretary

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