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Greetings Friends and Book Lovers,

The Potomac Chapter May book Club selection is Light Between Oceans.

The questions are attached  and below.

We will hold the meeting at the Halverson's home.

810 22nd St S, Arlington, VA 22202.

The meeting begins at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, May 1 and as usual, we will order dinner from a local delivery restaurant.  Please arrive by 6:30 PM if you wish to join us for dinner.

I will send out a menu closer to the meeting date.



These questions are merged from two sources.

1. 2014 Mount Prospect Public
Library. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

2. A few questions come from Lit Lovers.  They do not offer an attribution statement.  We often use questions from this site.

1. Discuss the novel's title, The Light Between Oceans. Why do you think the author selected this title? What do you visualize when you hear or read The
Light Between Oceans?

2. Who was wronged in the book? Whose story would you say this is?

3. Are any of the characters "bad?" If so, who? What makes a person warrant the description "bad?"

4. How would you describe Tom? Why does he enjoy his lightkeeper duties?

5. Tom believes that rules are vital, that they are what keep a man from becoming a savage. Do you agree with him?

6. Why does Isabel want to marry Tom? Why does he agree? What are his hesitations?

7. Did you find Tom and Isabel's courtship convincing? Do you understand their attraction to one another and their decision to marry?

8. What are some of the signs and hints of Isabel's manipulative nature early on in the book?

9. Which character were you rooting for more than the others?

10. Discuss the theme of opposites in The Light Between Oceans-darkness and light; safety and danger; land and water; truth and lies. How do these opposing
forces shape your reading?

11. Was there a character you identified with more? If so, did this change as you read the book?

12. Was there any one character that frustrated you more than others?

13. Did you sense that the silver rattle might turn out to play a pivotal role in the story?

14. How does Tom's quietness play a role in the story? What about Isabel's quietness?

15. Are Tom and Isabel a mystery to each other?

16. As the reader, are Tom and Isabel mysteries to you as well? Do you feel you know Tom better or Isabel better?

17. How does Tom's experience in the war affect his relationship with Isabel, being a lightkeeper, and response to the baby arriving?

18. Do you think the pregnancy and childbirth losses they went through affect the right or wrong of keeping the baby? Does knowing what they went through
affect your judgment of their choices?

19. Tom and Isabel live a solitary life. How would their response to baby arriving been different if they weren't isolated on island? How would their marriage
have been different?

20. How did you respond to the focus on various characters in town in Part 3? Do you like the variety or is the book better when focused on Tom and Isabel?

21. What does it mean to be an "outsider" and how does that affect one's perception?

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