[NFBV-Potomac-Announce] Re-send of My Earlier Email to Include July 16 Membership List - FW: Updated Potomac Chapter membership List - Time Running Out

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Hi again,

I've had a request for the 7/16/2019 Membership List so see attached.

Nancy Yeager

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Good Morning Potomac Chapter members:


The Membership Committee will distribute the Updated membership list early
in 2021.


Many of you have reviewed the 2019 List and sent changes to us. We thank


As for the rest of you, even if you haven't moved or changed your email
address or phone numbers, please ensure that your information is complete
and spelled correctly.


We need all information no later than December 31, 2020. 

The Membership Committee's goal is to distribute an updated list during the
first week in January.  Please help us do that.


If you have questions, please contact:  Nancy Yeager, (703) 283-2524.


Thank you in advance.


Nancy Yeager,

Sandy Halverson,

Karin Jernberg

PCNFB Membership Committee 

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