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Chapter 2 Albert Priddy
p 65 salpingectomy
A salpingectomy is a surgical procedure where one or both of a
 woman's fallopian tubes are removed. It's performed to treat
certain conditions of the fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancies,
and as a preventative measure for women at higher risk of
developing ovarian cancer.
Chapter 3 Albert Priddy
Chapter 4 Harry Laughlin
p 105 peripatetic
traveling from place to place, in particular working or
based in various places for relatively short periods.
p 105 salutatorian
the student who ranks second highest in a graduating class
and delivers the salutatory.
Chapter 5 Harry Laughlin
Chapter 6 Aubrey Strode
p 163 salubrious
Chapter 7 Aubrey Strode
p 198 Mendelian principles
Mendel's Laws of Heredity are usually stated as:
The Law of Segregation: Each inherited trait is defined by
a gene pair
The Law of Independent Assortment: Genes for different
traits are sorted separately from one another so that the
inheritance of one trait is not dependent on the
inheritance of another.
p 209 scion
A descendant of a notable family
Chapter 8 Oliver Wendell Holmes
p 216 puerperal - during or relating to the period of about
six weeks after childbirth during which the mother's reproductive
organs return to their original nonpregnant condition.
p 224 saturnine - slow and gloomy
Chapter 9 Oliver Wendell Holmes
Chapter 10 Carrie Buck
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