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Subject: Give money to the Potomac Chapter with Zell

For immediate distribution
If you have money burning a hole in your pocket for the Potomac Chapter you can now electronically send it to us via zell.
Zell is a quick way to send and receive money that doesn't require any fees unlike the square and paypal for business. A quick rundown of how to send money to the chapter.
Via a credit card:
Via a credit card or debit card specifically, not your bank account directly, please use the square.  In-person, let me send you a link, or call me and I can take your payment over the phone.  Let me know what you are paying for so I can send you the right link because I have different links for different items, I.E. fundraisers we might have, dues, general donations.
Via your bank account, use the chapter zell which is  potomacnfb at gmail.com<mailto:potomacnfb at gmail.com>
I think you can search for Potomac Chapter National Federation of the Blind of Virginia, but it is easiest to type in the email address potomacnfb at gmail.com<mailto:potomacnfb at gmail.com> Your bank should have something that says send money with Zell. Go there and under recipient type the email for the chapter, type the amount and review.  Zell will ask you to confirm the recipient.  Type something useful in the memo field and hit send.
Please use the email address for the chapter not my mobile number as my mobile number is linked to my personal account on Zell and your money will probably be spent on something you might not have intended on like beer or jazz concerts.  A quick favor: if you sent money or think you've sent the chapter money please contact me to ensure I've received it in the event there was a problem.  The specifics of how to complete a Zell payment are controlled through your financial institution.  If for some reason you prefer the use of snail mail, because that is just easier, my address follows.
1115 Cameron St. #214
Alexandria, VA.
For all payment types, ensure pcnfb and something describing the reason for the money is in the memo line.  Zell, Square and your check/bill pay service all have memo options and this helps me know what the money is for.
Thanks and call or email if you have questions about any of this information.
Sean McMahon
Treasurer Potomac Chapter National Federation of the Blind of Virginia
Mobile: (520)247-2197
Personal email: sean.mcmahon.dc at gmail.com<mailto:sean.mcmahon.dc at gmail.com>
Chapter e-mail: potomacnfb at gmail.com<mailto:potomacnfb at gmail.com>

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