[NFBV-Potomac-Announce] Updated paid members listing

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Hi John, so sorry to hear about your extremely painful right hand!  Sounds awful. I hope you are finding some way to get relief.

I finally downloaded the Microsoft Office app and was able to open the members list you attached. My first name is misspelled. It should be spelled K a r i n.

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For distribution.

A joyfull Juneteenth to you all. Attached is the most up-to-date paid members listing for the Potomac chapter.  I am providing this listing so our membership knows there vote will be counted at convention.

Please reply to me if: your name is not spelled correctly, you should be on this list and are not listed, you have sent a check to the chapter and it hasn’t been cleared yet.  I believe I received a check as part of the transfer from someone and may have misplaced it.  Sorry folks.  An update on our bank account situation: I now have a debit card and hope to have good news regarding the chapter zell soon.

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