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I am happy with my plain white cane.

Thank you,

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I certainly wouldn't want one of these.


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This came to me through my membership in the AER and you "techies" might be
interested in this new development.  I am not sure how it works and I will
have to check it out but in the meantime here it the information and link to
the story in the Associated Press.




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Hi All,


Interesting article.

Assistive device wins Palestinian girls a trip to international science fair
Three Palestinian students who attend a U.N.-funded girls school are taking
their invention of a beeping walking stick to detect obstacles for people
with visual impairments to Intel's international youth science fair next
month in California. The students' invention remedies a design flaw in other
laser canes by using infrared sensors to detect holes in the ground.
Google/The Associated Press


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